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  • Competitive examinations, CM appeal, cm appeals to t groups to stop stir for exams, Million march

    CM appeals to T groups to stop stir for exams 02 March 2011

    Chief Minister, N. Kiran Kumar Reddy appealed to all pro-Telangana parties, groups and organizations to stop their agitation including the Million March proposed to be held on March 10 in Hyderabad in view of the various forthcoming examinations. Speaking at...

    Keywords: Intermediate students, Million March, examinations, T stir

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    Bill for bifurcation, APNGO's Association President Ashok Babu, million march in hyderabad, Million march

    Million March in Hyderabad! 23 October 2013

    APNGO's Association President Ashok Babu spoke in the "Save Andhra Pradesh" Meeting at Kakinada.  The meeting was attended by the speakers and the general public in thousands in spite of the heavy rains due to cyclone.  People heard him with...

    Keywords: Ashok Babu, Ashok Babu spoke in Save Andhra Pradesh Meeting, Save Andhra Pradesh, APNGO's Ashok Babu

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    Million March on March 10, Million March on March 10, million march curtailed for 3 hours on march 10, Million march

    Million March curtailed for 3 hours on March 10 07 March 2011

    Amid reports that TRS chief KCR has threatened to disassociate his party from the proposed Million March on March 10 if it is not postponed for the sake of students’ examinations, the Telangana political JAC has asserted today that the...

    Keywords: Million March on March 10, differences between KCR and Kodanda Ram, Million March on March 10, differences between KCR and Kodanda Ram

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    Congress, CM Kiran resigns, kiran a true warrior for united ap, Million march

    Kiran - A True Warrior for United AP 19 February 2014

    Kiran Kumar Reddy has crowned the Chief Minister post without any experience. When he was selected by the Congress High Command, many criticized the decision with lack of experience in handling the minister post but Kiran took up the challenge...

    Keywords: Million March, Wishesh Special, CM Kiran Kumar Resigned, Special News

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    Telangana March, Telangana region, t united front supports t march, Million march

    T United Front supports T March 10 September 2012

    Telangana United Front secretary general Dileep Kumar has said that their front has extended the support to the  Telangana March, which is scheduled to take place on September 30. As a part of the same, the united front would take...

    Keywords: Telangana United Front, Million March, Million March, Telangana United Front

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    Million March new updates, Million March updates, several leaders detained ahead of million march in hyderabad, Million march

    Several Leaders Detained Ahead of Million March in Hyderabad 09 November 2019

    Several Leaders Detained Ahead of Million March in Hyderabad:- The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) employees, unions and JAC members called up for a Millon March to protest against the Telangana government today at Tank Bund. Massive arrangements and...

    Keywords: Million March Hyderabad, Million March opposition leaders, Million March updates, Million March updates

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    Intermediate examinations, T Students, million march will spoil t students career, Million march

    Million March will spoil T students’ career 04 March 2011

    T region minister D.Sridhar Babu today made it clear that the intermediate examinations scheduled from March 7 onwards would be held as per the pre-determined schedule. “The government has decided not to postpone the examinations and they will be held...

    Keywords: academic career of students, Million March, Intermediate examinations, academic career of students

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    Pakitan Peoples Party, Dowing Street, bilawal bhutto humiliated in london, Million march

    Bilawal Bhutto humiliated in London 27 October 2014

    The 26 year old Pakistani politician who vowed to take Kashmir from India, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, was humiliated in London in the 'Million March' hosted by the Pro-Pakistani supporters. On Sunday, a UK-based group protested to bring the focus on...

    Keywords: Million March in London, Bilawal Bhutta Zardari, Trafalgar Square, Pakitan Peoples Party

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    Telangana, Million March, tight security to new statues, Million march

    Tight security to new statues 05 October 2012

    As many as five statues on Tank Bund were erected today in the place of the demolished statues. The statues are, however, yet to be unveiled officially. The department of culture has said that some more statues would be erected...

    Keywords: Tank Bund, department of culture, department of culture, department of culture

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    Million March II, AP NGOs peace march, march of the millions would we survive 7th september, Million march

    March of the millions, would we survive 7th September? 24 August 2013

    Two peace marches are being planned for the fateful 7th September. On one side, the AP NGOs are taking up a protest against bifurcation. On the other hand, OU JAC are planning a Million March II on the same day....

    Keywords: Million March II, Ram Charan's Zanjeer release., Million March II, AP NGOs peace march

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    AK Khan, permission, police ready to cane charge million marchers, Million march

    Police ready to cane charge Million Marchers 08 March 2011

    Hyderabad Police commissioner AK Khan today warned that violators of law and order would be sternly dealt with on March 10, the day of Million March proposed by the Telangana political JAC.Addressing media persons in Hyderabad, Khan disclosed that JAC...

    Keywords: AK Khan, stern police action, Kodanda Ram, Million March

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    Save Andhra meet LB Stadium, Jai Samaikyandhra, women participated actively in the save andhra program, Million march

    Women participated actively in the Save Andhra Program 07 September 2013

    Women participated actively in the Save Andhra Program held at LB Stadium Hyderabad. {besps}stories/slideshow/WomenAtSAPProgram{/besps} (AW-SriJa)

    Keywords: AP Assembly, AP Assembly, RTC employees, LB Stadium Hyderabad

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    Telangana, KCR, no permission to million march, Million march

    No Permission To 'Million March' 10 March 2018

    No Permission To 'Million March':- Professor Kodandaram Reddy, who is the chief of Telangana JAC has called for Million March today on Tank Bund in Hyderabad. But the KCR led TRS government denied the permission for the Million March programe....

    Keywords: KCR, KCR, Telangana JAC, Telangana

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    smooth conduct of examinations, Appeal to T leaders, council allow smooth conduct of exams, Million march

    Council: Allow smooth conduct of exams 04 March 2011

    In the wake of the ‘Million March’ on March 10 being organized by the Telangana political JAC and other pro-Telangana organizations, groups and individuals demanding separate statehood for the Telangana area, the state Legislative Council today fervently appealed to all...

    Keywords: Legislative council, Legislative council, Appeal to T leaders, smooth conduct of examinations

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    Telangana JAC, Million March, million march on march 10 as scheduled, Million march

    Million March on March 10 as scheduled 03 March 2011

    Telangana political JAC chairman Professor Kodanda Ram said today there is no change in the programme of Million March to Hyderabad proposed to be held on March 10.Speaking at a media conference in Hyderabad, he said the JAC has rejected...

    Keywords: Telangana JAC, Million March, Telangana JAC, Million March

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    RTC employees, Ashok Babu speech, leaders elected to run state not to divide, Million march

    Leaders Elected To Run State Not to Divide 07 September 2013

    The Samaikyandhra Parirakshna Vedika and APNGO Association President Ashok Babu said in the "Save Andhra Pradesh" public meeting at LB Stadium the political leaders are elected by the people to run the State but not to divide it.   First...

    Keywords: NGOs, APNGO Association President Ashok Babu, Save Andhra meet LB Stadium, Save Andhra meet LB Stadium

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