Kiran - A True Warrior for United AP

February 19, 2014 12:57
Kiran - A True Warrior for United AP

Kiran Kumar Reddy has crowned the Chief Minister post without any experience. When he was selected by the Congress High Command, many criticized the decision with lack of experience in handling the minister post but Kiran took up the challenge right away. His tenure had loads of hurdles like the Telangana issue, YS Jagan factor etc. Kiran promised as the 16th chief minister of Andhra Pradesh on November 25th  2010.


Coming to the Telangana issue, Kiran initially clarified that he would abide the decision of the Congress party and so he made sure all the Telangana supporters withdrew their respective agitations like the Sakala Janula Samme. Events like Million March turned violent but Kiran handled them tactically. But when the Congress high command took a decision on Telangana creation, Kiran was silent for first two weeks. However as the oppositions and people started agitating, Kiran for first in his political career spoke against the Party's decision. From then on Kiran has making all the statements and fought every bit to stop the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.


Kiran was the sole reason for APNGOs indefinite strike, they held an united Andhra Pradesh meeting in Hyderabad. With this Kiran sent strong signals to Congress high command but things did not run smoothly for him. He waited patiently for Telangana bill to arrive from the President of India. As the Assembly Affair minister being from Telangana region the bill was introduced without the concern of Kiran. This irked him and without wasting any time, Kiran changed the Assembly Affair  portfolio to the Seemandhra region minister. As the debate on Telangana started, Kiran waited for his turn. He did lot of research to attack the Telangana MLAs. With appropriate figures and study on Controversial matters, Kiran's speech on Telangana in Assembly drew huge appreciation from the all regions of crowd. Then Kiran made a move by issuing notice of rejecting the Telangana bill in Assembly which embarrassed his own Party.



Kiran further challenged that if the Telangana bill is placed in Parliament, he dared that would quit the post. On February 4th Kiran staged a protest in the National Capital against the bifurcation where the national media and all political parties fired at Congress for not controlling their partymen. Finally Kiran resigned to the post of Chief Minister sticking to his words. In his last speech as Chief Minister, Kiran accused even BJP for joining hands with Congress in dividing the state.


Kiran has lead the United Andhra Pradesh from the front. Unlike other politicians who wait for the right time to bag the Chief Minister post like cunning fox [including Chiranjeevi], Kiran has stood by his words and proved a true warrior who fought for keeping Andhra Pradesh united. What next in Kiran's agenda, will he float a party is something AP is eagerly waiting to know.


(AW: Vamshi)

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