Live your dream for a better life!

January 20, 2012 12:29
Live your dream for a better life!

Living life is and art… could be our situations or certain UN avoidable responsibilities, we just accept and adjust our life according to the situation. But, for sure there would come some point in almost every one of our lives, were we desire to live our Dream. And for that, here are some guidelines;

Here are some tips to help you live your dream:

What is it that you daydream about as you stare out the window on a sunny day? Chances are that’s a very good place to start.

To thin own self be true. Don’t do what makes others happy; pay attention to you. In the end, all others will fall to the wayside and you need to be satisfied with your own life.

It’s OK to march to your own drummer. We don’t all want the same things out of life. That’s OK.

Be passionate. Passion is the only thing that will get you over the hurdles and through the tough times.

Stop making excuses. There are a million reasons why you can’t live your dream. All you really need is one really good reason to live it.

Hook up with others who are living their dream. It’ll be tough to break out of the status quo if everybody surrounding you is entrenched in it. Find other like-minded people to support you in your quest.

Don’t give up. It may seem like you’ll never get there but…

Living your dream is really just a thousand steps in the same direction.

For us, living our dream looked like life on two wheels. What does living your dream look like to you? Please post your thoughts in the comments!

Once you start living your dream automatically there are all the chances you would discover what is your passion in your live and would live a better life, with which you would be satisfied. So, move ahead and live your dreams first, but even know to balance the reality!

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