Manage your thoughts for a better you

January 22, 2013 16:43
Manage your thoughts for a better you

We women are no less than Men. In fact, many organizations prefer hiring Women employees, especially in the support departments like Human Resources and Administration as Women are best known to handle these with an ease.

When it comes to finishing up with the work within the given time and meeting the targets, yet managing personal life with an ease and not letting the work being affected no matter what, Women are best known to posses these qualities.

Despite of all these positives, we women would not be able to get the desired hike in the amount of pay and positions more often. This is when the feeling of we women not being able to compete with men will come into our mind. We will get distracted from work and even want to change the organization… before taking any further step and even back biting about the company and the job, have you seen the problem at the below perspective;

Every time it is not possible for any company to do 100% justice to every employee irrespective of their performance being consistently well. Take the example of yours itself. May be the management have been considering your work and want to give you a hike, but keeping all the other aspects like the minimum hike that has to be given for the employees and some senior employees being in the list as a priority, the management might have postponed your hike? Have you thought in this scenario?

Communication is definitely a major key of success. You might have been consistently a good performer but might have failed communicating your worth, in your actions, to the management or even your immediate boss? Try working on these lines.

Never let out your frustration of not getting a hike and not being recognized be known either to the management or even to the best of your colleagues. This will shatter all your hard work and the impression management has on you and will put you in trouble. Be matured enough to handle tough situations, remaining in your calm self.

Last but not the least, it is a fact that any decision taken in a haste will not at all work positive… so, just keep your thought of quitting the existing company and joining the other, on a hold.

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