Some Tips For Your Plants During The Monsoon Months

July 31, 2020 19:47
Some Tips For Your Plants During The Monsoon Months

Some Tips For Your Plants During The Monsoon Months:- The monsoon is already coming to an end and this year most of them had to stay calm and they were restricted to their homes because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Most of them shifted their focus on plants and gardening as they had ample time to spend. The first precaution is that your house should not be a place for mosquitoes. It is a task for plant lovers all those who have a home garden at home. The water accumulation in the pots is the biggest problem. Here are some of the tips to be followed to keep the plants safe:

The placement of pots is quite important. As the rains are quite normal and frequently. You have to consider the position and placement of plants. Makes sure that they receive adequate sunlight and they get the right amount of rainwater.

It is always good to mix the topsoil frequently so that the water reaches the roots of the plant. Keep a check on the insects and worms that may harm the plants. If they are earthworms, they are good for the soil.

Do not water the plants frequently as they would receive enough water because of the rains. Too much water can kill some of the plants. If you find the soil dry, manage to give enough amount of water.

Smaller plants should be taken extra care of. They get washed away by the winds and strong rains. Their placement should be careful and make sure that they get all the support.

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