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  • tips for yoga, Fashion tips, follow the fashion be you, Tips for yoga

    Follow the fashion... be you... 10 May 2012

    We dress, look and even inculcate some total behavioral traits that of our favorite personalities or people we are inspired by... no harm, but here are some reasons as to why you need to be yourself is more important than...

    Keywords: fashion and style, Fashion tips, Fashion tips, Fashion tips

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    Emotional feelings, tips for yoga, get detached emotionally why, Tips for yoga

    Get ‘detached’ emotionally… why? 21 March 2012

    Life is all about managing and increasing our relationships with the rest of the World, no matter to what genre the relationships are. Apart from our family, relatives, we always possess a positive sign in widening the names in our...

    Keywords: tips for family, tips for family, Relationships, tips for yoga

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    relaxation tips, Stress and tension releafe., for the last time yet again handle stress, Tips for yoga

    For the last time… yet again, handle ‘Stress’… 14 April 2012

    There is no last time to get stressed out. Every time you encounter any situation that  bothers you and start ruling your mind and above all that situation being ‘worst’ or ‘not acceptable’ by your mind and heart, you end...

    Keywords: Stress and tension releafe., relaxation tips, tips for exercise, relaxation tips

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    Skin care tips, tips for Yoga, look special in causal, Tips for yoga

    Look ‘Special’ in ‘Causal’.. 03 March 2012

    Appearing simple and yet showcasing that style statement of yours is a trend now… let us try to learn how to choose casual wear and yet look special; First and fore most, avoid wearing shiny color. Choose a material that...

    Keywords: tips for beauty, Skin care tips, Skin care tips, tips for Yoga

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    women lifestyle, tips for body confident, live your dream for a better life, Tips for yoga

    Live your dream for a better life! 20 January 2012

    Living life is and art… could be our situations or certain UN avoidable responsibilities, we just accept and adjust our life according to the situation. But, for sure there would come some point in almost every one of our lives,...

    Keywords: tips for health., tips for body confident, tips to lose weight, women lifestyle

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    tips for Exercises, tips for yoga, lose weight queen size, Tips for yoga

    Lose weight, Queen Size! 04 April 2012

    I understand and know that losing weight is not as easy as gaining weight. In fact, thanks to all the knowledge sessions and internet updates, by this time, we all know that over weight is not only when we eat...

    Keywords: tips for Exercises, tips for yoga, Healthy weights loss, Lose Weight

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    Good Body shape, tips for before exercise, get back in shape quick, Tips for yoga

    Get back in shape… quick! 21 April 2012

    Today the trend itself is like that. Everything is needed to be completed fast and we are in love with all those quick results… so, here are tips for you to get back into shape ‘Quick’; The next factor you...

    Keywords: tips for yoga, tips for health, tips for yoga, tips for before exercise

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    tips for health., tips for Stress releafe, job stress and your health, Tips for yoga

    Job Stress and Your Health 23 January 2012

    Many people will state that the number one source of stress in their lives is their job. There are varying degrees of job related stress but the majority will say they experience high levels of stress several times a week...

    Keywords: tips for body confident, tips for body confident, tips for good health, tips for Stress releafe

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    tips for relationships, tips for relationships, know the unanswered, Tips for yoga

    Know the unanswered! 09 April 2012

    Past six months of my life are a hell and what more it could be? Things were not at all going well at Office… Manager has become a disaster to my life… I am constantly in a thought that I...

    Keywords: women lifestyle, tips for body confident, tips for body confident, tips for body confident

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    skin care tips, , tips for body care, Tips for yoga

    Tips for body care 27 March 2012

    After a day long work, you can observe not only your mind but even your skin experiencing that tiredness. For brain, you need a good sleep and relaxation and for your skin to get relaxed? Let’s find out what can...

    Keywords: beauty tips, , tips for yoga, tips for yoga

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    tips for yoga, tips for body confident, slight difference could make a major change, Tips for yoga

    Slight difference could make a major change! 23 March 2012

    For certain things, on doing or not doing them, as to how to execute them, how to make those work or not and about the entire plan or structure as such, we would be much sure about the same. And...

    Keywords: tips for body confident, tips for yoga, tips for body confident, tips for beauty

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    benifits of yoga, tip of the day, silver yoga improves fitness, Tips for yoga

    Silver Yoga Improves Fitness 17 March 2011

    While the benefits of performing yoga have long been discussed, it can often be an intimidating form of exercise to try. Some people picture a studio full of perfect-looking twenty-somethings who can contort their bodies into all kinds of interesting...

    Keywords: yoga, yoga, tips for yoga, tips for yoga

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