The other side of the coin

March 16, 2013 15:58
The other side of the coin

We have seen a girl child being discriminated, being killed and ill-treated all through her life, not just by the society but by her own family and life partner as well. But, there is a place called khaasi in Meghaalaya where the scenario is totally different;

When a male is born in any family at this place, it's like any other child being born for them, but when a girl child is born, the entire family celebrates the girl child's birth and that's not all, others consider this family as the luckiest. This is the practice that is going on in this place from ages. That's not all, all through her life; the girl is treated like a queen by one and all over here, all the property right from the fore fathers will be given to the youngest girl child of that family. And another super good aspect is if a girl gets married, its not the girl's surname that changes but the guy's surname that would change, and the bride groom that would come to the girl's family, to stay...

And you know what the birth rate statistics of the girl is also considerably high over here. Say for 1050 men 1035 girls are there. On an average, when compared to the rest of the places, over here, this statistics is really fair enough.

Since the importance and power of women is really high at this place, the crime rate on women is also considerably very less...

This is definitely the other side of the coin...

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