Life Style Influences Fertility in Women?

December 12, 2013 13:48
Life Style Influences Fertility in Women?

Survey says- Yes!  As infertility rate is observed alarmingly, a survey was conducted at Delhi by Dr.Shivani Gour on 100 women in different age groups. 

The age groups selected were less than 25 years, 25 to 29 years, 30 to 34 years, 35 to 39 years and more than 40 years.  Infertility was found surprisingly in the women at the age of 20 years also.

Experts say that the women are reluctant to admit that infertility is a serious problem and consult only after 35 years patiently waiting for the nature to cure them automatically or by the grace of God.

Dr.Gour says that infertility at a younger age in many cases is caused by the life style of them.  In fact Indian women are considered to be more fertile compared to Western women. Drugs, alcohol and smoking were not used by the Indian women in olden days and homemade food was consumed.  But now because of the change in the life style mimicking western world the fertility is coming down which is seen in the male also.

In fact there is no medication for the disorder in fertility in women. The ultimate medicines like growth hormones, steroids like DHEA and alternate therapies like scupuncture are supposed to be of minor help in cases of remedy to infertility in which the change of quality of the woman’s egg is aimed at.

Alarming factor is that a dip in the fertility over the past five years is estimated as 30%.

Doctor Gour suggests that women should undertake fertility test like AMH test irrespective of age which will help doctors to identify lower AMH patients so that early intervention. It also gives a chance to conceive a child using their own eggs.


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