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Bin Laden’s son into Key al Qaeda role

News: Bin Laden’s son into Key al Qaeda role

Actor’s son actor and doctor’s son doctor. But now I came to know even a terrorist’s son would be willing to step into his father’s shoes.

By Phani Ch


Modi reminds me of my student life

News: Modi slightly changed name in MA II

Student: When I am not sure, that I would clear a class test, I would prefer not writing my name on it and confuse with a different name.

By Phani Ch


KCR’s tight indirect jolt to HCU

News: KCR to unfurl tallest national flag in Hyderabad

Went against Osmania, things went wrong. Later came HCU issue, he was silent then, but now jolting on state formation day.

By Phani Ch


Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna’s Tom and Jerry relation

News: Chiranjeevi heaps praises on Balakrishna in his 100th movie launch.

Tom has to back Jerry, when it is in Jerry’s den.

By Phani Ch


God reacts to plane crash in Hyderabad

News: Aircraft dismantled into five parts in Hyderabad

God : “I break, you say, accident and you break and say dismantling. You, human beings will never change.”

By Phani Ch


Favour, Pawan Kalyan is doing to middle class families

News: Sardaar Gabbar Singh benefit show tickets Rs. 3000

The favour Pawan Kalyan is doing to middle class families is, he is only releasing one movie for every 2 years.

By Phani Ch


Rajinikanth’s choclate statue gave new idea to aspiring retailers

News: Rajinikanth’s chocolate statue in Chennai

Now the aspiring retailers search for the popular heroes in other cities, I guess.

By Phani Ch


Frustrated Kerala police would do this

News: Case on Kerala police for allowing his son to drive official vehicle

What does the frustrated father generally do now?

Probably, he would never allow his son to become a police.

By Phani Ch 


Not devotees, they are more happy for Shivaratri

More than the devotees, who offer prayers, Shivaratri excites others, who can have night outs, dipping themselves in various entertainments.

By Phani Ch


What does kids feel about adult films?

News: Food adulterations in Hyderabad continues

Kids: Adult films and adulterations have restrictions imposed by adults itself. Being adult is a sin I guess

By Phani Ch


Which game do not create any conflict?

News: Chess is forbidden in Islam, as it creates conflicts.

Now, I wanted to know a game, which is away from conflicts.

By Phani Ch


Kejriwal child and Modi is moon

News: Centre denies Kejriwal comments on CBI, checking his office.  

Mom says that, she will gift moon, while feeding her child. What if the child asks to keep the moon in hand first?

By Phani Ch