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Fish Prasadam Cures Asthama and Goes For Swimming

News: Thousands of people queue for ‘Fish Prasadam’ in Hyderabad

It is advised by Doctor, not to drink water after eating Fish.
Because It will Swim and then you feel Gulugulu in your stomach

By M. Divya Shri


Why I never wanted to be a doctor

To escape exam, I lied that I am sick. My father took me to the doctor, who then tested me and even wrote medicines to clear my sickness.

It took time for me to realize that, even that doctor is once a student.

By Phani Ch


Doctor and Patient logic in Dasari-Jagan meet

News: Jagan meets Dasari, at latter's residence

Its like patient approaching the doctor, while the doctor, who felt ill, is consulting another doctor.
By Phani Ch


Jagan bought Gajini remake rights?

News: After 6 years, now Jagan says that, Naidu killed his father

May be Jagan might have bought Gajini remake rights.

By Phani Ch


Kamal Haasan is patient, Jayalalitha is doctor

News: Compromised Kamal Haasan donates Rs. 15 lakhs to Chennai relief fund

Even the ruler of the world is a patient to his doctor

By Phani Ch


Bumper business by AP wine shop owners

News: Fake liquor kills many in AP

What if these liquor shop owner, has several hospitals too in the nearby area?

By Phani Ch


Doctor is demigod for AP government

News: Jagan’s fast interrupted

Punch: Doctor might be the demigod of AP government now

By Phani Ch


Proof to say god faces more problems than humans

God faces more problems than humans. For instance

A common man prays for a good health and a doctor prays for a better business. Whom should the god respond to?

By Phanindra


Veterinary doctor do not ask any questions

Patient: Fed up with the continuous questions of the doctor. I will go to veterinary doctor next time.
By Phani


Doctor’s wife cannot even apple a day

When an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I wonder, what does it do for a doctor’s wife

By Phani


8 hours health logic

Sleep 8 hours and work 8 hours, but make sure, they are not the same hours.

By Phani


Can play guitar after operation

Patient: "Doctor, doctor, will I be able to play the guitar after the operation?"

Doctor: "Yes, of course..."

Patient: "Great! I never could before!"

by Phani