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Allu Arjun is rat, Pawan fans are cats!

News: Pawan fans to target Allu Arjun today, at Oka Manasu audio launch

Just like the group of cats, waiting at the entrance of the rats hole.

By Phani Ch


186 snakes in a house in UP

News: 186 snakes in a house in UP

Snakes inner voice: Why you be so selfish that you wanted only human beings as relatives and allow only them into the house.

By Phani Ch


Tigers inner voice for going to Cambodia

News: Indian tigers to Cambodia soon

Tigers: Please send us soon, before government plans visas to send us to Cambodia.

By Phani Ch


Dinosaurs or human beings, who are sadists?

News: Jewellery made with dinosaurs remains

Dinosaur’s inner soul: Then I killed human beings and you named me as sadist. Now you killed me and using my parts as jewellery on your body. Now my question is who are the hardcore sadists?

By Phani Ch


What if Japan whales given chance to express its feelings

News: Japan kills 333 Minke Whales

Whales: You kill us and say it’s research and if we kill, you will say its a murder. Injustice.

By Phani Ch


Donkey speaks with Himesh Reshammiya after Tera Suroor result

News: Teraa Suroor, a huge disaster.  

Donkey with Himesh Reshammiya: Did you think that I cannot do acting? I stopped because, these human beings already said, donkey should do only a donkey’s work. Come on, you too get back to singing.

By Phani Ch


Shankardada reacts on Srimanthudu scripts controversy

News: Srimanthudu script is mine, a writer files petition against Mahesh Babu

What if Shankardada reacts now in his English: “Thieves go 6 months, dogs bark”

By Phani Ch


They are saddened upon Sanjay Dutt’s release

News: Restaurant celebrates Sanjay Dutt’s release, offering free chicken.
I feel only hen is saddened upon Sanjay Dutt’s release.

By Phani Ch


Dogs should keep this board on their gates

News: Man rapes a dog

“Beware of dog” on Human beings house gate.

“Beware of human beings” on dogs cave gate.

By Phani Ch


Leopard aims to take revenge on schools

News: Bengaluru schools declared holiday, for the fear of Leopard

It seems, leopard wanted to take revenge on the schools, for bringing the students to zoos, treating it as a fun item.

By Phani Ch


Chhattisgarh goat awakens a hypothetical question

News: Goat arrested in Chhattisgarh

May I know who is actual animal here. (May be the question is hypothetical)

By Phani Ch


Fox loves Pawan Kalyan

News: Pawan Kalyan offers Rs. 50 lakhs discount to BVSN Prasad

Fox: I love you Pawan. No one believed me, as you did.   

By Phani Ch