Bad temper? Hold it...

January 04, 2013 17:11
Bad temper? Hold it...

Bad temper? This is what most of us posses... thanks to the stress filled life style of us today, regardless to our working status or financial status, we all are porn to stress and so to bad temper... but, have you ever thought of what could be the negative effects of a bad temper?

You turn to be a over reactor internally... with the habit of reacting to each and everything possible, you will not only welcome all that unnecessary trouble and worry but also tend to become more porn to bad temper… you will tend to lose your patience over a period of time and start losing your cool self on each and every situation... this way, it is not only a hurdle for your relations with others and your mental stability, but this state of mind of yours will affect your physical health as well.

It is a fact that we all react to the situations and to those problems that are out of our hands and require to be solved… before getting carried away with the situation, ask yourself these questions, first;

How important is this problem to your life?

Does it deserve the reaction you are giving it?

Can this problem be solved?

If no solution can be found, are you willing to accept what you cannot change and move on?

Instead of getting tensed and letting the bad temper or any other emotions rule you, you have a control on the situation and think of a solution rather than worrying more, that will fetch you absolutely nothing.

While dealing with the issues, just be true to yourself... seeing situations from the realistic angel will fetch you better results and help you to get out of any emotional trauma, be it bad temper...

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