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  • google projects, Google drive, presentation problems, Positive thinking

    Presentation problems? 04 April 2013

    There are many a times when your most important files that you saved on your flash drive to carry from home are corrupt or you might forget the thumb drive all together while coming to the presentation in a hurry...

    Keywords: confidence, Understanding., prasentation skills, prasentation skills

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    kindness, happy lifestyle, a key for a happy life, Positive thinking

    A key for a happy life... 12 December 2012

    Happiness may have different meanings to different people. But no matter how we define happiness, our individual passions and life experiences contribute in making each one of us happy. Certainly, the secrets on how to live a happy life depends...

    Keywords: friendship, happy, successful life, friendship

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    resolution, positive thinking, writing down your resolutions this year, Positive thinking

    Writing down your resolutions this Year? 02 January 2013

    If you want the resolutions taken this New Year at least, to be implemented affectively, here are some tips to be followed to keep up your New Year resolutions; Is your resolution realistic? Can it be made possible with our...

    Keywords: remember, planning, new year 2013, new year 2013

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    negative situations, feeling, be stronger by your own, Positive thinking

    Be stronger... by your own 27 December 2012

    Will power can make wonders in making impossible to possible... you have seen and may have been with your friends or relatives who posses such a strong mind and willpower… want to develop the same in you? Then; Never ever...

    Keywords: aim, attitude, stronger, confidence

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    teenage, studies, understand your kid better this children s day, Positive thinking

    Understand your Kid better... this Children's day... 14 November 2012

    Children's day... for whatever reason, the celebrations are loved by kids... let them get indulged in their own celebrations, let us understand how to understand them better; Each child is born with certain physical traits that underlie his basic personality....

    Keywords: studies, ambition, behavior, future plans

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    success, self confidence, what are your confidence levels, Positive thinking

    What are your confidence levels? 08 January 2013

    Self-confidence... the success key of many successful people around us who have made the impossible turn possible... and we have also known the positive vibes that transform things to be done with the power of our self-confidence... and it is...

    Keywords: hiccups and failures, self confidence, positive thinking, confidence level

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    health tips, close your eyes, back to work within 5 minutes, Positive thinking

    Back to work within 5 minutes 16 April 2013

    If you want to get relieved from your stress within 5 - 10 minutes, here are the quick tips; Stretch your body. This does not mean you should do yoga or something. Turning twisting your head in both the directions...

    Keywords: sleeping, close your eyes, tips to relieve stress, Stress release

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    positive thinking, negative mind, work in happiness, Positive thinking

    Work in happiness 15 April 2013

    When you have decided to work and pursue your career, known the importance of being and earning independently, and irrespective of gender and family circumstances, you having your own career and life has become important, then rather than getting frustrated...

    Keywords: positive mind, work in happiness, positive mind, realistic time

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    movements, office work, be a real winner, Positive thinking

    Be a real winner 16 March 2013

    For you to rise in your professional career and win the heart of one and all, every time, it is not just the 'to do list' but also certain guidelines you should follow to be a real winner; You are...

    Keywords: stress, lifestyle, stress, expressions

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    heavy makeup, preparing for interview, preparing for an interview read this, Positive thinking

    Preparing for an interview? Read this... 23 January 2013

    Are you aiming to get that dream job and prove your worth??? No matter your qualification might be apt for the requirement of the job, but certain mistakes you make during the interview will definitely decide your fate of achieving...

    Keywords: management skills, dress code for interview, heavy makeup, dress code for interview

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    depression, love, basic ways to get rid of depression, Positive thinking

    Basic ways to get rid of depression 20 December 2012

    Neither YOU nor ME are exception for ‘Depression’… we all are emotional animals, no matter how much we pretend to be practical… when things don’t work out as per our plan, it is likely to get upset… when this rules...

    Keywords: walking, depression, lifestyle, sorrows

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    goal setting, goal setting, self discipline so very tough, Positive thinking

    Self - discipline... so very tough? 07 January 2013

    Self-discipline... the term itself seems to appear to be very rigid and tough... but, this is just an illusion. The importance of self-discipline in your life will definitely change you for a better. We generally possess these illusions as soon...

    Keywords: conscious, positive thinking, failures, goal setting

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    selfish, happiness, happy go lucky attitude is your s, Positive thinking

    Happy go lucky attitude is your's 04 February 2013

    Have you ever thought of geet in the popular film jab we met??? Why we loved the role so much? Because of the personality trait of the role... because we always wanted to be like one throughout our lives but...

    Keywords: communication, compromise, selfish, selfish

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    stress, relaxation, bad temper hold it, Positive thinking

    Bad temper? Hold it... 04 January 2013

    Bad temper? This is what most of us posses... thanks to the stress filled life style of us today, regardless to our working status or financial status, we all are porn to stress and so to bad temper... but, have...

    Keywords: temptation, physical health, bad temper, stress

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    work place, work pressure, our anger turns positive as well, Positive thinking

    Our anger turns positive as well 22 March 2013

    Well, this is another situation that has proved the worth of us... in today's life style, where it has become compulsory for almost all of us to work and support our family, this need has made many of us to...

    Keywords: srustration, multi tasking, career, work pressure

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    peace, peace, don t worry be happy, Positive thinking

    Don't worry... be happy 13 March 2013

    What is the use of worrying all the time that you are stressed out? Instead try and come out of stress to lead a peaceful, happy and fun filled life; It's not just power yoga that helps your body to...

    Keywords: yoga, powerful lifestyle, yoga, yoga

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    weight loss, fatigue, stressed out watch out, Positive thinking

    Stressed out? Watch out... 12 January 2013

    Of course, we human beings are designed by some super natural power in such a way, that we stand up for any negative situation, take stress, pressure and work over overcoming the same... happiness and tough times are very much...

    Keywords: relaxation, positive thinking, physical exercise, emotional

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    , thoughts, different personalities similar thoughts, Positive thinking

    Different personalities... Similar thoughts? 18 June 2013

    Everyone one of us are different from one another, similarly, our way of dealing different people with different mind sets has to differ. After all, how would I know which the better way to deal with people is and how...

    Keywords: multiple personalities, personality development, understanding, similar thoughts

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    your dream job, curd, don t just dream but act to get what you want, Positive thinking

    Don't just dream but act to get what you want 04 March 2013

    Mere dreaming about achieving a goal or succeeding in getting what you want is not sufficient. Apart from working on getting what you want here are some more tips that can help you reach your goal, quick. Stick those posters...

    Keywords: tips for food, positive thinking, reach your goal, achieving goal

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    presentation, negative thinking, stage fear or public fear, Positive thinking

    Stage fear or Public fear 17 January 2013

    You can name it as a 'myth' of life time, under estimating yourself, no confidence on your worth or whatever it could be, the Fear factor will definitely damage our career and in return our life... don't believe me? Then...

    Keywords: performance, public fear, stress, tension

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