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  • troubles, worry, bad temper hold it, Physical health

    Bad temper? Hold it... 04 January 2013

    Bad temper? This is what most of us posses... thanks to the stress filled life style of us today, regardless to our working status or financial status, we all are porn to stress and so to bad temper... but, have...

    Keywords: temptation, problem solving, goal setting, positive thinking

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    Men Mental Health, Men Mental Health, five enhancing tips for men s health, Physical health

    Five Enhancing Tips For Men's Health 04 September 2023

    Five Enhancing Tips For Men’s Health:- The fostering wellness in men's lives is a wholesome existence for a healthy lifestyle. Certain age-old solutions for physical and mental health need to be prioritized in our day-to-day busy lives. Vitality In a...

    Keywords: Healthy Lifestyle, Health Tips, Day to Day Life Activities, Men Physical Health

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    mental life survey, mental life dating apps, good partner for a healthy mental life, Physical health

    Good partner for a healthy mental life 07 April 2022

    Good partner for a healthy mental life:- There are various factors for good health and for a good physical health, you need to take a nutritious diet, good sleep, and exercise. Mental health is also quite important as physical health...

    Keywords: mental life updates, mental life, mental life dating apps, Physical health

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    Cabinet of Kerala State, good policy for Mental illness, a good policy for mental illness, Physical health

    A good policy for Mental illness 22 May 2013

    A very less importance is given in the field of health for mental health in comparison to physical health.  The policies to be adopted for the improvement in this direction are not considered as in the case of physical health. ...

    Keywords: awareness program, awareness program, mental illness, mental illness

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    Blood Donor, blood donor Yogesh Raj Srivastava, blood donor gets honored, Physical health

    Blood Donor Gets Honored 13 June 2013

    A blood donor Yogesh Raj Srivastava is honored and given a certificate of Wonder Record. Yogesh donated his blood on 105 occasions.  He donated blood once in every three months for 105 times.  The occasion was attended by the State...

    Keywords: Police Welfare Division IG Sowmya Mishra, Blood Donor Gets Honored, Blood Donor Gets Honored, Blood Donor Gets Honored

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    walking, physical health, improve your quality of life, Physical health

    Improve your quality of life! 10 January 2013

    A sound mind needs a sound sleep and a sound sleep needs a sound mind. Make one happen and the rest will follow. But how? You ask, we at Wishesh are here for that. Tensions in these office lives have...

    Keywords: physical health, tension, good physic, stress

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