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    Getting tires??? Easily??? 18 March 2013

    Are you getting tired easily these days? are you unable to concentrate on your work and retain the same energy and concentration levels till the work is completed? Then it is a time to change your life style and daily...

    Keywords: getting tires, relaxation, disturbance, get tired

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    Headlines, Devyani Khorbagade, salman khursid reciprocates us relaxation in devyani case, Relaxation

    Salman Khursid Reciprocates US Relaxation In Devyani Case 24 December 2013

    The External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid announced extension of the last date to surrender IDs of US Diplomats.  But it will only be for three days not more Khurshid said. He said, “We are reasonable but the extension is for...

    Keywords: Indian Diplomat arrested, Permanent Mission to UN, Devyani Khorbagade, Devyani Khorbagade

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    healthy walking, bolld circulation, importance of morning walk, Relaxation

    Importance of Morning Walk 03 June 2013

    Morning walks are important during the winter seasons, because that's when our blood becomes thicker and walks help in increasing the rate of blood circulation and as a result, your body gets more oxygen. It warms up your body. Walking...

    Keywords: health tips, warms up body, physical exercises, Walking tips

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    India's Gold Imports, Raghuram Rajan, relaxation on curbs on gold imports, Relaxation

    Relaxation On Curbs on Gold Imports 24 December 2013

    Due to the restrictions on the gold imports smuggling of gold in to India is rampant.  To address the problem the Government seems to be considering the relaxation of the curbs on gold imports. In order to control the Current...

    Keywords: Anand Sharma, Anand Sharma, RBI, Commerce and Industry Minister

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    Vizianagaram, coastal districts, 9 hours relaxation in curfew at vizianagaram, Relaxation

    9 Hours Relaxation in Curfew at Vizianagaram 11 October 2013

    It is a relief to the residents of Vizianagaram that the authorities relaxed curfew for 9 hours today. The shops are opened after six days and the people of Vizianagaram are shopping leisurely unlike the hurried buying during one or...

    Keywords: Vizianagaram, relief for residents of Vizianagaram, 9 Hours Relaxation in Curfew at Vizianagaram, 9 Hours Relaxation in Curfew at Vizianagaram

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    relaxation, exercises, wake up early, Relaxation

    Wake Up Early 20 February 2013

    Every one knows the childhood adage, early to bed, early to rise.... but practicing it, at least for the few lazy procrastinating junkies like me, is a next to impossible task. But here is a tip to make the most...

    Keywords: relaxation, early to bed, early to bed, tips

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    Dr. Bob Adams, natural defensive posture, foetal position provides relaxation, Relaxation

    Foetal position provides relaxation 27 December 2013

    People in pain usually crawl into the foetal position as it helps to reduce physical pain and psychological pain like a bad news or stress. But have you wondered why the pain eases? Relief experienced in foetal position can be...

    Keywords: reduce physical pain, physiological reasons, relaxation, Relax

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    lifestyle news, lifestyle, aromatherapy for your home, Relaxation

    Aromatherapy for your home 18 January 2014

    A diffuser is great, but there are other ways in which you can use your essential oils at home. For linens Add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender oil to your laundry detergent for a fresh fragrance. You can...

    Keywords: homekeeping, lifestyle, home, lifestyle

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    relaxation, being perfect, are you not spending a healthy day, Relaxation

    Are you not spending a healthy day? 18 April 2013

    Despite of spending hours together in the gym or being perfect in your daily routine, you are not able to reduce that extra weight and most important, stay active??? These could be the reasons... Of course, this season will increase...

    Keywords: birthday parties, de-hydration, routine work, being perfect

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    physical tension, tip of the day, sleep with awareness, Relaxation

    Sleep with awareness 08 June 2013

    Sleep with awareness is nothing but yoga nidra used to relax each part of the body. It is a deeply relaxing meditative practice that restores to good condition of body and mind. Many people suffer from a lack of good...

    Keywords: tension release, exercises, tension release, mental tension

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    being patient, relaxation, being patient costs a lot, Relaxation

    Being patient... costs a lot? 15 February 2013

    You will definitely say, 'okay now, it is so easy to say, but very hard to implement... patience, so good to hear but irrespective of the situation it is very hard to not react to the situations and maintain your...

    Keywords: kindness, tips for health, work load, relaxation

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    cable tv digitization, cable tv andhra pradesh high court, 2 weeks relaxation for digitization, Relaxation

    2 weeks relaxation for digitization 02 April 2013

    There's some good news to all those who have been forced to stay away from television due to non transmission of cable television in Hyderabad. In a recent petition moved seeking time over digitization of cable television, Andhra Pradesh High...

    Keywords: cable tv hyderabad, cable tv andhra pradesh high court, cable tv services resumed in hyderabad, cable tv vishakapatnam

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    positive thinking, movements, be a real winner, Relaxation

    Be a real winner 16 March 2013

    For you to rise in your professional career and win the heart of one and all, every time, it is not just the 'to do list' but also certain guidelines you should follow to be a real winner; You are...

    Keywords: positive thinking, relaxation, management, lifestyle

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    CBI, CBI special court relaxed Jagan Bail Conditions, relaxation in jagan bail conditions, Relaxation

    Relaxation in Jagan Bail Conditions 30 October 2013

    Responding to the request from Jagan the CBI special court relaxed the conditions of the bail.  Now he can move in the State and also at Delhi. The YSR Congress party President YS Jagan who was in Jail for 16...

    Keywords: Ys Jagan Bail, CBI, Ys Jagan Bail, CBI special court relaxed Jagan Bail Conditions

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    relaxation techniques, break from monotony, too serious about beauty chill, Relaxation

    Too serious about beauty? Chill! 20 August 2013

    Take a chill pill all you serious people out there. You know stress affects your skin badly. Ok, so you have religiously stuck to your strict diet and exercise routine. But, there is another contributor to good health and beauty....

    Keywords: how music helps us, relaxing while busy, Relaxation tips on the go, relaxation techniques

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    positive thinking, dreaming, back to work within 5 minutes, Relaxation

    Back to work within 5 minutes 16 April 2013

    If you want to get relieved from your stress within 5 - 10 minutes, here are the quick tips; Stretch your body. This does not mean you should do yoga or something. Turning twisting your head in both the directions...

    Keywords: relaxation, dreaming, relax and resume, relax and resume

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    Relaxation, relaxing, relaxation, Relaxation

    Relaxation 19 January 2013

    Do you feel it has been ages you have actually got some rest? You have been working day in and day out from past couple some time, without taking a proper break a tall... so, these two days are just...

    Keywords: relaxation, tension, stress, relaxation

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    YS Jagan, YS Jagan, jagan requests for relaxation in bail conditions, Relaxation

    Jagan Requests for Relaxation in Bail Conditions 11 October 2013

    YSR Congress Party President and Kadapa MP YS Jagan who is facing Disproportionate Assets case, spent 16 months in Chanchalguda jail and is out on the conditional bail not to leave Hydeabad, filed a petition in the CBI Special Court...

    Keywords: Kadapa MP YS Jagan, YSR Congress Party President, Kadapa MP YS Jagan, YS Jagan Requests for Relaxation in Bail

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    beauty sleep, Beautiful skin, beauty sleep equals beautiful skin, Relaxation

    Beauty sleep equals beautiful skin 02 July 2013

    Want to look beautiful? Then you must first feel beautiful. Before you ask how, feeling good is a direct result of feeling refreshed and this can be possible only through good sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is extremely important...

    Keywords: beauty sleep, Sleep, tips to sleep, tips for beautiful skin

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    stress, fat free food, basic tips for a good health over all, Relaxation

    Basic tips for a good health, over all 18 February 2013

    We take care of our health, do everything to get a good health, but these basic tips if followed will for sure help us maintain a good health, naturally. If possible reduce the intake of Coffee and have more tea....

    Keywords: amount of energy, tips for health, relaxation, tips for health

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