Vexed up with ‘Ex’?

December 15, 2011 17:32
Vexed up with ‘Ex’?

Who does not make mistakes in life? So did we by being in a relationship with that wrong person who is perfectly not suited to our life and mind set. After realizing the same, we chose to part ways with him and it has been couple of years or atleast months that we moved ahead in our lives.

May be because he could not find better option for him than you or it could be as simple as his male ego getting dominated and he wanting you  back in your life, to satisfy the same, whatever the reason could be, your ‘Ex’ started getting in touch with you and clearly putting forward his desire to get back to you is one such scenario that you might facing in your life right now. Despite of you clearly making him understand that you no more want him in your life, neither have plans to get back to him and even if you are seeing someone you letting him know the same and letting him k now you have moved on in your life, nothing brings a change in him. He is just stick to one and that is he wants you back in your life. you can definitely approach all those Woman protection cells, Police Stations and take legal measures to get rid of him, depending upon the seriousness of the problem and if you sense your ‘Ex’ is for sure likely to become a problem creator for your future. But, before taking any further major step like this, wait a moment and think of handling this issue within yourself only. Of course, when the same becomes hopeless, you definitely not even wait for a second to take the help of elders. But, before that try;

Talking to your ‘Ex’ firmly, one last time and asking him to move ahead as you did. Explain him you both are very good human beings but just not made for each other. You can also tell him, even if you get back to him on his force, you can never love him unconditional. Be settling at the same time insensitive while explaining all this to him. The more aggressive or abusive you are and the more you try to provoke him to behave rude and harsh to you that could lead to a disaster at times. If you are speaking to him over phone, then be careful you may lose no temper, neither get emotional, you just need to be right. Follow the same, even if you meeting him in person, but then let you close friend or sibling or event your parent if you want to, be in a close area watch you, don’t ever switch off your phone, be alert about his moves as well.

Even if he does not even think of altering his behavior even after you doing everything to explain him the situation, then change your mobile number if you can and apart from those you trust completely and close to you, don’t let any other, apart from you family know about your number. Try avoiding him as much as you can. If you can, you can take family members help as well or atleast some from the family in order to just be with you while you are out of your home.

Be intelligent enough to get out of him. Don’t let any of your emotion known by him. Do all the drama of you not being understanding him, you can make him be happy and this relationship cannot be handled by you, but try conveying him the message.

Don’t mess up things by letting out your problem to be discussed in public. Keep it to yourself and your close ones and try solving it rather than discussing about it and coming out with no solution.

In many scenarios, we over react to the situation and when particularly if it has anything to do with our past or future. We women refuse to agree but even in case of handling our ‘Ex’, we react more than we should. This behavior of us would lead to many issues. So, just act according to the situation.

Don’t just get threatened if your ‘Ex’ is behaving with you like that. Even if you have done any mistake while in relationship with him, its okay. you don’t start hating yourself and give a chance to him to black mail you more. Just be confident and just as you reap good results, face the darker side of your life as well. People who understand you would definitely be with you. No need to hide anything with people around you about your past in the fearing of losing your loved ones and create more problems from the past as well.

It is all about how you get rid of your ‘Ex’ in a smooth way for that one last time. So, be care full.

SunayanaVinay Kumar

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