Have some WORK in life

December 10, 2012 10:54
Have some WORK in life

Woman are no less than men... in fact, they are much better in handling things than men.' these statements are true to much extent, but not all women have a privilege of stepping out of home and work. forget about career but at least being independent is essential for women, today. and be it work from home, setting up a business or working in a company, here are some aspects that make you think towards working;

As told earlier, being independent is essential, be it a man or woman. when it is said, 'change is constant', then it is likely that the mentalities of people around you, their behavior or your life style as such, to change. So, in order to be ready to fight any such ‘change’ and to take up any last moment challenges, YOU need to be ready to work.

YOU are educated, can take care of yourself and needs, you need not be dependent on any other for fulfilling the smallest need of yours. YOU are capable of handling multiple tasks at home and outside. Then why not work and life an independent life?

Its not just working and earning, but work will definitely give you that much needed confidence… work and independent living can definitely boost up your self-esteem. what more reason for being happy for a individual can be than self-esteem???

Right from basic needs to the luxuries, everything is increasing in the price, day to day. In order to meet at least some of these and not compromising on the smallest of your wishes, it is really needed for YOU to work.

It is not necessary that YOU should be career oriented. but, it is really needed for YOU to have some activity in your LIFE for you to be busy, have a balanced life… rather than spending time in doing nothing, be it YOU turning your passion into some money making option or going out and working for some hours, is definitely a better option.

Of course, depending upon YOUR family conditions and flexibility YOU have all the liberty to choose what kind of work to do, including looking at the time constraints...

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