When ‘life’ is stagnant!

February 17, 2012 12:17
When ‘life’ is stagnant!

‘Move on’. One of our favorite words and quotes we use. And no matter what, life has to just ‘Move on’, so do we. But, there would be a time in our life, is it professionally or even at a personal front, we would just feel that our ‘life’ has stopped for a while. Whatever we plan, however we try to execute the same, nothing takes a action phase, each day  we get up, would become busy with our routine and at the end of the day, the last minute before we sleep, we feel that day of us is just ‘stagnant’.

You and me and for that matter everyone have been through or still facing this situation. Rather than waiting for the situation to take an action phase or the problem to be solved by itself, let us try and screw up this problem itself to make our life ‘Move on’.

Letting go is not something most of us are taught to do. We hear expressions about ‘holding on’ all the time. We are told that we should ‘hold on for dear life,’ ‘keep a grip on reality,’ ‘hang on to the bitter end,’ and so on.

Phrases like these don’t encourage us to let go, but this is what we really need to do if we want to experience happiness and emotional freedom. Trying to hang in there while it feels life is buffeting you around is exhausting. Maybe it is time to hang on less, and to learn to relax more into the knowing that all is well.

Holding on too tight can only cause pain and frustration. Everything in life is temporary, we will have to let go of everything eventually- even life itself.

Trying to hold on to our hopes and expectations of how things ‘should’ be is a sure recipe for dissatisfaction. The biggest cause of frustration in life is a gap between how we want things to be and how they really are.

To be happy, no matter what, we have to give up trying to force things to be different from how they are. This doesn’t mean that we should accept everything as it is and stop trying to make positive changes in our lives and our circumstances, but it means we should stop trying to ‘will’ reality to conform to our wishes. There are some things that we have control over, and there are many things we don’t. The only thing that we can always have total control over is the way we respond or react to circumstances.

In situations that cause us pain, holding onto the belief that reality 'should' be different from how it actually is will only cause us to experience suffering as well as pain.

Negative energy is created by suppressed or unexamined thoughts and feelings, and unless this energy is released it creates blockages. Releasing negative energy allows us, at least eventually, to return to our natural state of being; one of peace, joy, and harmony.

Letting go of the belief that there is only one way that things should work out, and only one outcome that will make us happy frees us to go with the twists and turns that are inevitable in life. To go with the flow of life frees us from the pressure of trying to control things which are beyond our control.

Taking this one step further, to let it flow means to step back enough from trying to force things into being so that the natural momentum of life can create results that no amount of pushing and shoving are likely to achieve.

Slowing down is also essential in creating a balanced life. Letting go of the need for constant action can be a vital key to avoiding burnout.

By all means, set your goals, make your plans, and work towards what you want, but to greatly increase your chances of being happy and satisfied, let go of the outcome.

So, no matter what, just move on in ‘life’!

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