Women's Mental Health Sensitive Than Men's Mental Health

September 15, 2022 20:31
Women's Mental Health Sensitive Than Men's Mental Health

Women's Mental Health Sensitive Than Men's Mental Health:- As per the recent research that is conducted by Binghamton University and the State University of New York, the women's mental health during the coronavirus pandemic is more impacted by the physical activity than that of the men. The diet and the lifestyle took a toll on the mental health of the people. The experts examined the impact of exercise frequency, day of the week and other pandemic struggles having a toll on the mental discomfort between men and women. The survey has been conducted on 2370 people and the results were examined as per the 41 questions about eating habits, sleep, physical exercise and demographics. The pandemic was divided into three phases: before, during and post-covid. Before is all before the pandemic and during is when the lockdown was imposed.

Women needed more moderate exercise to achieve their mental well-being which is the high level of stress. Frequent exercised were beneficial for men. Stress on the body completely depends on the exercise. Men and women have different amounts of stress hormone to intense exercise. As per the research of Begdache, women should modify their workout regimens and keep their spirits high. Women report more stress than me. Frequent excercise will increase the stress levels and will have an impact on the mental health. Women's mental health will decline on weekdays. The study also showed a link between inactivity and mental anguish in men and women.

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