When to quit smoking during Pregnancy?

February 25, 2022 17:37
When to quit smoking during Pregnancy?

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When to quit smoking during Pregnancy?:- Smoking in any form is injurious and is not good for your well-being. Sooking is a strict no for adults, youngsters, pregnant women or others. Women who are pregnant should stay away from smoking before, during and after pregnancy to keep the baby safe from any future health complications. Most of the mothers quit smoking right before their pregnancy or planning. A new study revealed that the negative effects of smoking can hurt the baby and the damage may happen during conception. The study was conducted in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The study showed that women who smoked ten or more cigarettes in a day have babies almost a day behind.

Smoking before and after pregnancy is lined to small fetuses at 20 weeks as per the study. There are reports that there are smaller babies upon the child's birth. The sudden quitting of smoking in women may lead to different results. Smoking during the pregnancy can lead to a plethora of effects. It also has an impact on the growth of embryos during the early stages of pregnancy. This impacts the preterm birth and can also lead to birth defects on the lip and the mouth. Miscarriage risk, Placenta previa, Cerebral palsy in the baby, vision problems in the baby, Mental disabilities, Delayed development and Ectopic pregnancy are the other health risks because of smoking in pregnant women.

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