A woman becomes pregnant while already pregnant

June 01, 2022 17:34
A woman becomes pregnant while already pregnant

A woman becomes pregnant while already pregnant:- In an unexpected rare case, a woman from USA became pregnant while she was already pregnant. The woman gave birth to twins within a span of six minutes. She suffered three miscarriages after which the first child was born. The woman was 30 years old and she was from Texas. The doctors called it a mircale pregnancy. As per the medical terms, the condition is known as superfetation. The pregnancy occurs during the initial stage of pregnancy within days or weeks after the first pregnancy is confirmed. In an another case, a woman from California got pregnant when she was pregnant. The woman before this agreed to be a gestational surrogate mother for Chinese couple.

She soon turned pregnant with non-identical twins. The tests told that the children had two different set of parents. Women generally gets restricted right after she conceives and it reopens only after the pregnancy cycle gets closed. In some of the cases, the hormonal changes will not allow the another embryo to develop. In such case, if women has a sexual intercourse, there is a possibility of second pregnancy. It is like an additional ovulation. In these cases, two sperms fertilize with the ova. There is no way to prevent this condition if the woman in these cases will head for a sexual intercourse. In such cases, the children born are usually twins.

There is no risk for mother or the children in this case. When one of the babies is ready to be born, the other one will be at developing stage in the womb. The health experts say that the couples choosing to be parents through surrogacy should be well aware about this.

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