Power of ‘Reality’!

February 16, 2012 15:56
Power of ‘Reality’!

‘Real’ be it in life or various situations we face in our life as such, has many times been not so easy to accept. But the funda for a peaceful life is to accept whatever the reality is, be it in any situation you encounter in your life or with your life as such.

The challenge lies here… how do we train our mind, body and soul to accept no matter what and how the situation is, the way it is… this is definitely not a single day’s process. We need to alter our thought process, before we actually accept the situations as they are… and for that, here are some suggestions that could help you out in taking reality on a lighter note;

It's one of the hardest things to follow through on, but it's definitely most rewarding. It's so easy to look in the mirror and point out most of your insecurities. But, instead of counting all the things you wish you could be, try counting all the things that you are thankful for that bring out your natural beauty. Understand everyone has beauty, whether it be their eyes, their plumped lips, or their rosy cheeks. Make a list of all of these things, and hang it up somewhere by a mirror, and before you leave, look in the mirror and tell yourself you look good. Remember that it's your own opinion that really counts.

Are you too bossy? Are you too critical of yourself? You're lazy, right? You don't have a lot of friends because your shy? This could go on and on, but the point is is that you need to find out what you aren't so good at, maybe what you don't have, and then let go of it. This is one of the most key steps to accept who you are.

This is one of the hardest things for many of us to do. In many of todays societies that focus on the individual, we are encouraged to strive for success, and often we look for praise as the acknowledgment of that success. We take any criticism as a negative thing, so we shy away from seeing anything about ourselves that elicits that reaction.

Remember that you can't fix it until you can admit there is a problem.

Once you have accepted yourself, with all your imperfections, you can change some things about yourself. Write out a list about what you want to achieve, what you can achieve, and how you will achieve it. Although, understand that no one is perfect, and sometimes you just can't change who you are.

Once you have your list, prioritize it. Decide what you need to work on in order of importance. Often changing one thing will cause other things to fall in line, like knocking over dominoes.

What happened in the past, happened in the past. You just can't change history. So avoid doing it over again because you feel like it's "in your comfort zone" and "you've been through it once, why not one more time?" type of excuse.

The above mentioned are not just good to read, but as well as the best to follow too!

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