Five Breastfeeding Secrets For Mothers

May 13, 2022 18:15
Five Breastfeeding Secrets For Mothers

Five Breastfeeding Secrets For Mothers:- It is always good to be aware about feeding your newborn kid. Breastfeeding and parenting are not so easy and they vary from person to person. Actor Neha Dhupia who has been vocal about the rights started an initiative called 'Freedom to Fight'. She shared about the breastfeeding secrets. Here are some of the secrets:

Mother-to-be has to meet a lactation consultant or nursing expert before giving birth for a baby. They can suggest tips that can help you before the delivery. The baby's nose should touch the nipple while breastfeeding and their bellies should be aligned. The baby's stomach should be touching theirs so that they won't have to turn their head. The nipple should touch the nose and not the mouth. The baby should be comfortable to lift their head.

There should be a proper space for breastfeeding. A proper nursing station should be arranged so that both the mother and the baby will be comfortable. A breastfeeding table along with a side table for snacks, clothes, nursing pads and others should be available. The mothers should not count their minutes. They should let the baby latch on the first breast. They should come on their own and then the mother should offer their second breast.

If the mother wants bottle feeds, they should do it after 4-6 weeks. It is also better if the mother can wait for 8 weeks for bottle refusal. The mother can ask some to feed the baby in case of bottle feeding.

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