Size and trend do go hand in hand…

February 03, 2012 15:06
Size and trend do go hand in hand…

You cannot reduce all that extra weight in a day or two… but definitely can look trendy despite of your plum weight for that hep party… all this is dress kajaadu… to know, have a look;

For starters, it's good to cultivate an awareness concerning whether or not current fashion trends translate well for women with ample figures. Simply buying something because it's in vogue will not necessarily seem flattering on anybody. If it feels and appears uncomfortable to wear it's best to give it a miss.

Ladies with large figures all too often fall into the trap of going for slim looks and all too readily search for trendy clothes that will help to achieve it. The fact is that many dresses with a straight style make full figures appear anything but slim. The idea is to make the most of a voluptuous body by wearing dresses that are streamlined, soft and smooth, and show off the curves in a flattering way.

In terms of pants, go for the ones with a straight line from waist to ankle. Skinny pants and jeans that taper at the bottom are not ideal. Yoga pants and similar athletic wear have enough style and are comfortable to wear around the house or when running errands.

During winter quarter-length coats that fall gently over the body and giving a soft and smooth outline stand out better than bulky sweaters. Long ones also make the body seem streamlined and stylish, while the ones with a boxy appearance tend to make a person appear wider. Buttons on coats shouldn't be too small or big as it will detract from the overall design.

As far as colours go, the classic white, black and navy varieties never fail to draw subtle attention. When sporting these versatile colours there's often no need for heavy accessorizing either. Women that want to come across as slimmer can choose monochromatic motifs, while bold colors with dark separates also work well.

When thinking about ways to look fashionable in plus size ladies clothing it's important to feel and come across as being comfortable. Generally speaking clothes with soft fabrics are ideal for full-figured women. Hopefully these tips will inspire plus size figure women to flaunt it in a classy and stylish way no matter society's preconceptions about people's bodies.

Size Zero or Size Hundred… it is all in you how you make yourself appear the best!

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