Weight Loss techniques for people over 40

July 06, 2021 18:11
Weight Loss techniques for people over 40

Weight Loss techniques for people over 40:- Maintaining fitness at a younger age is quite easy. It is quite difficult to maintain a physique after you are over 40. Losing weight after 40 is very difficult. But experts say that losing weight is very much possible for the aged people. Here are some of the simple techniques to lose weight after your cross your 40s:

Fill more than half of your plate with salads and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than meat and grains. Fruits and vegetables are less on fat and carry low calories. Taking foods with high fibre will improve the digestion and will not add weight to your body. This will also reduce overeating.

Eating food at regular intervals will burn the calories at a faster rate. Never skip your meals as you may miss the needed nutrients. Breakfast too is equally important as the body has no food for 12 hours. The morning meal should be healthy like an oatmeal with fruits or wheat bread with fruits. Always keep the dinner simple and keep track of how much you are eating.

Water plays a crucial role in the body's health and this helps in weight reduction. Stay hydrated all over the day and this burns the excess fat. One should consume 2-3 litres of water on a regular basis. Drink water before a meal so that you cannot eat much and your body feels less hungry.

Exercise plays an important role in the body's health and weight. Practice cardio and abdominal exercises to burn the extra fat. It also keeps the heart rate up. Practise Zumba dancing. A moderate exercise for 40 minutes per day can do wonders for weight loss. One can practice yoga or you can walk with breaks to keep the body active and fit. Avoid junk food as they are high on calories, fats and carbohydrates. Sweetened soda drinks will help you to gain more weight.

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