How to use a treadmill to lose weight

June 02, 2017 18:17
How to use a treadmill to lose weight

How to use a treadmill to lose weight:- Treadmill is a motorized device used for walking or running while staying at the same place on the equipment. Treadmills are dated back to harnessing human or animal power to complete tasks. Treadmills provide a strong moving platform with a wide conveyor belt driven by an electric motor or a flywheel. The speed can be varied depending on the strength of the user. How to use a treadmill needs a little practice and guidance for first few instances.

Treadmill workouts burn the same amount of calories like walking or running outdoors. Also treadmills help in losing weight and body toning, thus they have become the most popular workout for home or at gym. There are manual and electronic versions available. And the recent advancements have made them springier and more shock absorbing than ever.

Advantages of using a treadmill to lose weight:

1- Treadmills are all weather permitted equipment's and enables the user to adhere despite severe outdoor conditions

2- Incline setting on treadmill allows for uphill strength training which in natural conditions may not be possible all the time

3- Treadmills help in multitasking too. You can watch TV while working out and this would help in building up the strength.

4- Tracking the workout to the utmost basic level is easier. While going outdoors you may not have a good pedometer handy. But treadmills help in recording exact speed, calories burnt, strength levels and heart rate

5- Timing is not a problem, when going outdoors you must either proceed in early morning hours of evening hours. But with treadmill at home or at your gym you can do it even late night, during peak sunshine of the day and any other time you prefer and are free

How to use a treadmill to lose weight :

treadmill to lose weight

Treadmill is one of the most effective cardio machine which helps in reaching fitness goal if adhered to its regime. This machine improves your heart health and cardiovascular fitness. Hence proper usage is most important as it may damage muscles or cause severe injuries if proceeded wrongly

1- Read The manual:

Never expect to just jump up on a treadmill and learn it all. First give ample time in reading the basics of the treadmill. Most often we think we know it all and may miss a lot many features due to negligence. Read the product manual cover to cover to know all the details given by manufacturer. Specially the safety features

2- Dress up properly:

Never work out on a treadmill or any other fitness equipment in your routine outfits. It may damage muscles or cause hamstrings. Wear proper gym gear, starting from well fitted active tee, shorts or track pants for active wear and most comfortable sneakers or gym footwear with cushioned memory foam sole. Be prepared to sweat out and stay as comfortable as you can

3- Get familiar with the controls:

Before stepping up get familiar with the controls so not to make mistakes while on your workout schedule. Learn about basic buttons to increase, decrease speeds or stop controls. Also to strengthen inclination and switch between workouts. Learn how to read the calories burnt, heart rate and speed.

4- Know what are the pre-set program formats available:

There are ample pre-set programs available and they are different for different machines. So from the manual and YouTube videos you may learn about these pre-set programs and their offerings. There are different programs for interval training and controlled incline climbing which help in calorie burning. Some of the pre-set programs most treadmills have include:

A- Fat burning zone: The fat burning program is designed to change the speed so that the heart rate remains between 80-85% of maximum heart rate.

B- Cardiovascular: Cardiovascular program is designed to change the speed so that heart rate remains between 50-80% of maximum heart rate. Formula for maximum heart rate is 220- age for men and 226- age for women

C- Random hills: Random hills program changes the speed and incline to enrich your workout further.

D- Interval training: Interval training allows to set a jogging speed and spring speed to switch further at a button press. It is great for switching between speeds quickly

E- 5K run: 5 K run is 5 kilometers on the treadmill to help you prepare for the run without any interruptions.

F- Fitness test: Fitness test allows to track fitness levels by monitoring heart rate. Take it every 3 months for efficient and realistic recording.

5- Warm-up and stretch before heading up to the treadmill:

It is always advisable to perform at least 10 dynamic stretches to prepare the joints in our body for workout ahead. This will remove any muscular or bone stiffness and warm it up. Loosening the muscles and joints is important to prevent any wear and shock.

6- Use handrails in beginning:

Never go out hands free in first few instances. As balance and control for every machine are different and you need to find your equilibrium to maintain posture. Keep the feet on the sides and do not switch on the conveyor belt just yet. First settle yourself to a comfortable position and hold on sides

7- Begin with low speed:

First proceed with a warm up by lowering the speed to a very basic level. Let your body loosen up while you hold control. Continue this slow warm up for 10 minutes and meanwhile get your TV set for the day’s workout.

8- Maintain posture while increasing speed:

workouts and fitness

Do no rush to very high speed but maintain posture and slowly rise ahead. Keeping shoulders erect, back straight upright and eyes looking ahead or on TV. Slowly take the hands off rails and continue pumping in with feet.

9- Keep body hydrated:

There are some bottle holders where you can fix your water or energy drinks and drink it every 15-20 minutes of workout. Body needs to be hydrated for workout efficiency. There are ample health benefits of drinking water adequately

10- Warm down with static stretches:

Begin slowing down the speed at the end of the workout. After the entire workout do not forget to warm down with static stretches. Entire body must be stretched to prevent muscle soreness or tightness.

Precautions while using a treadmill:

treadmill uses

1- Always look ahead and maintain focus

2- Don’t rush to strength, one at a time in terms of speed or incline

3- Use proper outfits and shoes

4- Don’t hold the handrail too tightly as it may add more workout strength

5- Don’t climb or step down a moving treadmill

6- Always warm up, stretch, and warm down during the workout

7- Don’t push yourself too had, go slow and maintain consistency

8- Don’t expect immediate results in terms weight loss, first few weeks may even add on weight. Give some time and keep up with your routine workout.

The above compilation on How to use a treadmill to lose weight is to help you learn about treadmill and its benefits. Also to guide you about how to use it and what are the common precautions that must be taken.

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