Wedding Ring Or Suffering?

October 12, 2012 13:52
Wedding Ring Or Suffering?

Life is but a labyrinth once you get married. You do not know where to go and what to start from. There are many people who will give widely different views on getting married. Some regret marriage, while others are of the opposite opinion. First comes the engagement ring, then wedding ring and finally comes suffer-ring as one of the worst marriage problems. Let us see how the wedding ring that you so fondly wear becomes suffering in the course of time.

Get Tied Down- Getting married is the worst nightmare among many. There are a lot of things to regret after marriage. At the time of the wedding you so fondly wear the ring that your partner gives you. But, who knows that this very thing is going to bind you down. You get into a commitment that is necessary to be maintained for the rest of your life.

Listen To Everything- This goes true more for men than women. They are the ones who in a better way do realise the problems in a marriage. Men therefore in most of the cases regret getting married for most of their lives. They have to bear all the womanly tantrums with a smiling face and yet not be angry. Since the time they slip on their wedding ring, everything seems to get changed in their lives.

Free Service- Have you heard the saying that nothing comes for free. But this is not true for married couples. And this can be said as something, that men regret in a marriage and women love. A very few husbands can deny their wives anything when they very lovingly say, "Honey, please bring me a bottle of water", or any other thing for that matter.

Get Used To- Men become more or less accustomed to saying 'yes' to every tantrum that their wives throw on them. They sincerely come to regret marriage at this point of time. Many a times a conflict arises and at other times men feel it better to avoid one by keeping quiet.

No Time For Oneself- People regret marriage as they have almost no time for themselves. After they finish off their work they have to take out time for their spouse. And in the remaining time have to attend to the other needs of the family.

But, in spite of all these facts, you will definitely have some married friends who will suggest you to get married. They do not want to suffer alone and even want others to realise the several problems of marriage and regret it thereafter.

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