• comfort, suffering, half knowledge is dangerous, Suffering

    Half Knowledge is Dangerous! 21 January 2013

    Long long ago Alexander Pope a great English poet wrote a long poem called Dunciad wherein he says "A little knowledge is dangerous" He tells us then to drink deep other wise taste not the pierian spring. But what is...

    Keywords: comfort, knowledge, alexander pope, comfort

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    Model Turned Heroine’s Twisted Bones, Cell phone held on shoulder, actress suffering from occupational hazard, Suffering

    Actress Suffering From Occupational Hazard 01 March 2014

    A heroine complaining of acute pain in her back was examined by specialists and finally declared it as subject of occupational hazard. After elaborate scanning of the heroine’s bones, the doctors found that she was not left with a funny...

    Keywords: Model Turned Heroine’s Twisted Bones, Problem with zero pack body, Problem with zero pack body, Heroines bone problem with short skirt

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    lindsay lohan daily mail interview, celebs suffering from drug addiction, lindsay s lohan daily mail interview for your eyes only, Suffering

    Lindsay's Lohan Daily Mail Interview: For Your Eyes Only...! 06 May 2013

    Our favorite Mean Girl Lindsay Lohan candidly talked about her perceived substance abuse problem in an interview with Daily Mail. she said   she's not a big drinker, has only done cocaine 4-5 times in her life and  never done LSD,...

    Keywords: lindsay lohan daily mail interview, lindsay lohan on drug addiction, celebs suffering from drug addiction, lindsay lihan hot

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    prominent global anti-poverty push takes place, un chief ban ki-moon, prominent global anti poverty push takes place, Suffering

    Prominent global anti-poverty push takes place! 01 July 2013

    Notwithstanding economic crises as well as diminishing aid, the UN announced on Monday huge progress had been made towards meeting the so-called Millennium Development Goals, including its bid to striking violently world hunger in half intermediate to 1990 and 2015....

    Keywords: progressive global anti-poverty push takes place, world hunger, spread of aids, violently world hunger

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    Rituparno Ghosh, Bengali Cinema, rituparno ghosh passed away, Suffering

    Rituparno Ghosh passed away 30 May 2013

    The famous film Director Rituparno Ghosh of West Bengal passed away today in the morning at 7.30 am at his residence in Kolkata.  He was suffering from Pancreatitis for some time and today he breathed his last due to cardiac...

    Keywords: West Bengal, Hirer Angti film, West Bengal, West Bengal

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    Inserm medical research institute in Villejuif, France, intellection of stress can cause sickness, Suffering

    Intellection of stress can cause sickness! 29 June 2013

    Researchers known to have discovered just thinking about being stressed can make individuals fall seriously ill as well as make greater the possibility of suffering a heart attack. It was researched, at the time following beyond 7,000 civil servants over...

    Keywords: managing stress, Lead author Hermann Nabi, risk of cardiovascular disease, risk of a heart attack

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    YSR congress, curse of a sage, naidu suffering from curse of a sage jagan, Suffering

    Naidu suffering from curse of a sage: Jagan 27 August 2011

    Continuing his tirade against the former Chief Minister and TDP Chief Mr Chandrababu Naidu, YSR congress president Mr YS Jaganmohan Reddy said that Chandrababu is scared of speaking the truth. “Chandrababu can’t speak the truth since he knows that his...

    Keywords: Jagan, sage, YSR congress, TDP Chief Mr Chandrababu Naidu

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    Get Tied Down, Get Tied Down, wedding ring or suffering, Suffering

    Wedding Ring Or Suffering? 12 October 2012

    Life is but a labyrinth once you get married. You do not know where to go and what to start from. There are many people who will give widely different views on getting married. Some regret marriage, while others are...

    Keywords: Get Tied Down, Wedding Ring, Suffering, Wedding Ring

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    UN leader Ban Ki Moon, International politics news, egypt crisis torments un leader ban ki moon, Suffering

    Egypt crisis torments UN leader Ban Ki Moon! 04 July 2013

    UN leader Ban Ki Moon have confidence in the truth that Egyptians have legitimate concerns, on the contrary is worried in regard to the the military's banish of President Mohamed Mursi, a spokesman expressed. Furthermore, Deputy UN spokesman Eduardo del...

    Keywords: UN leader Ban Ki Moon, President Mohamed Mursi, Egypt crisis afflicts UN leader Ban Ki Moon, President Mohamed Mursi

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    obesity, kids, development or deployment, Suffering

    Development or deployment? 04 March 2013

    This makes me ask, 'do we need this kind of development?'... well, this is not called a development. This kind of change, if implemented in our system, this would be because of the result of we not changing our life...

    Keywords: better living style, health tips, health tips, health tips

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    kasab tested negative, mercy petition was rejected, death in the time of dengue, Suffering

    Death in the time of Dengue 05 November 2012

    Ajmal Kasab has become a notorious household name and due to the much paid media attention when he suffers from fever, it  becomes a news. He is the lone alive man among the group of terrorists who killed nearly 166...

    Keywords: dengue to kasab, suffering from dengue, suffering from dengue, suffering from dengue

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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Parliament, people are suffering pm modi is laughing having a nice time rahul gandhi, Suffering

    People are Suffering & PM Modi is ‘Laughing, Having a Nice Time’ - Rahul Gandhi 08 December 2016

    The Opposition on Thursday protested against the government's decision of demonetization of old notes. The opposition staged a 'back day' and protested outside the parliament's Gandhi statue. “Demonetization has devastated the poor, farmers and daily wage workers. We want to...

    Keywords: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi, Protest, Rahul Gandhi

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    Sonakshi sinha, Sonakshi sinha, sonakshi s suffering, Suffering

    Sonakshi’s suffering. 28 June 2011

    ‘Dabanng’, Heroine Sonakshi Sinha, is much talked about throughout the entire film Industry. We know how successful the Movie was, Salman Khan, the Hero of the film is definitely a highlight. Even Sonakshi’s looks and performance have earned a lot...

    Keywords: Sonakshi sinha, Sonakshi sinha, Sonakshi sinha, Sonakshi sinha

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    suffering of patients, strike by junior doctors, 9 die as junior doctors stop emergency care, Suffering

    9 die as junior doctors stop emergency care 11 February 2012

    With the stand off between Government and the striking junior doctors continuing with no solution in sight, the doctors stopped attending to emergency patients resulting in the death of 9 patients in various government hospitals across the state. Reports said...

    Keywords: fasting by junior doctors, emergency care, suffering of patients, hike in stipend of junior doctors

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    Women Hockey, Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Tournament Committee., indian women s hockey suffering of inadequate funds, Suffering

    Indian women’s hockey suffering of inadequate funds 08 November 2011

    The national pride game hockey has taken a back seat with advent of games like Cricket and Tennis. The crises are more for the women’s league which really garners no or nill support from the general public. In order to...

    Keywords: Lal Bahadur Shastri Hockey Tournament Committee., Women Hockey, Women Hockey, Kamal Chaudhary

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    sanjay dutt suffering from hypertension, hypertension, sanjay dutt suffering from hypertension, Suffering

    Sanjay Dutt suffering from hypertension 23 July 2013

    Sanjay Dutt, who is serving his jail term in connection with the 1993 Mumbai Blasts case, is suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) and insomnia. Further to say, the team of doctors who examined Sanjay Dutt, found out he is...

    Keywords: sanjay dutt ailing, sanjay dutt suffering from hypertension, sassoon general hospital, hypertension

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    thoughts, weight loss, depression in women, Suffering

    Depression in Women 04 January 2013

    Depression... the disease you can say that is more seen in we women... the situations each individual faces and reacts to it are definitely different. And women known to be sensitive by nature tend to get affected by this emotional...

    Keywords: feelings, pleasure, loss of interest, depression

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    tips for back pain, tips for back pain, easy ways to get rid of back pain, Suffering

    Easy ways to get rid of back pain 22 February 2013

    Even for some time. Neglecting back pain will turn to be a biggest mistake. Instead let's follow some tips and attend back pain immediately for a peaceful life style; Do not sit stagnant for hours together at work place or...

    Keywords: stress, tips for back pain, stress, stress

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    Stress, Stress a myth, stress a myth or a reality, Suffering

    ‘Stress’ a myth or a reality? 06 January 2012

    There would not be one single day when we do no speak or think about ‘STRESS’ at least once a day… but, the point is, are we really ‘stressed’ out? Or are stressed out with that ‘thought’? before answering this...

    Keywords: living in myth, Stress, Stress is something cope, cope with deal

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    Actress Sneha Ullal, Tollywood news, the lucky girl s bad luck, Suffering

    The 'Lucky' Girl's Bad Luck 12 December 2013

    Sneha Ullal who has striking resemblances with Aishwarya Rai debuted the films with Hindi movie 'Lucky' with Salman Khan in 2005.  So far she acted in 5 Hindi films but wanted to focus on South and acted in ‘Ullasamga Utsahanga’...

    Keywords: 'Lucky' Girl's Bad Luck, Sneha Ullal Not Well, Lucky Movie, Tollywood news

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