Honey, she knows her money

October 01, 2012 12:00
Honey, she knows her money

Finance is no longer a word that makes her go nervous. Numbers are no longer alien to her.

It's a different story for many working women in India. The new age woman not only earns her bread but now understands ways to put her money to good use. Across the table, she now discusses terms and conditions of investing in a mutual fund or buying an insurance policy. Keeping her interests in mind.

Today, women are looked at as potential investors. They are being lured by banks, insurance firms and the like for investment purpose. Says Priya Nair, a young professional, "I am not a novice so far as investing money is concerned. In fact, handling finances and investing my money gives me a sense of power. I believe in securing my future. So, I have a decent portfolio which has a mixture of stocks, mutual funds and of course bank deposits."

Even as the economy opens up and women join the workforce in large numbers, there has been a definite change in attitude. Sources in the financial sector feel that there has been a sea change in women's attitude towards money. "Now, you can't make a woman sign on the dotted line as dictated by her husband/father. Women now make an attempt to understand the finer points of investment. That's definitely a welcome change," say industry sources.

Bank deposits, PPFs and Post Office Savings have been generally quite popular with women. But there are many women now look investment as a long term option and they are ready to look beyond the safe zone. And there are many online portals which also provide lots of insight on different ways to invest your money.

There are many products which now see women as potential customers. Interestingly, today financial institutes are looking at women with renewed interest. Women are making an attempt to understand the market dynamics too. As says Renu Mehta, a young woman in her late 20s, "I am not averse to risks. I go by the golden rule: 'Never put all the eggs in one basket.' I am a regular market watcher and accordingly invest my money."

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