Trust Building Exercises For Married Couples

November 29, 2012 10:50
Trust Building Exercises For Married Couples

Every time he gets a call and goes out of the room, you think he is having an affair. Every time she opens her mouth, you know it is to criticize you for something. Are you at that stage of your marriage where you don't trust your spouse at all? Then you need trust building exercises to bring back the element of trust in your marriage.

We all know that a marriage without trust is like a body without soul. That why every couple with problems must try out these trust building exercises. What they basically do is to teach you to trust each other again. Mind you, trust building exercises can be really therapeutic for your marriage so do not treat them like any other word game.

1. Let her choose your clothes: Most happy couples have a say in what their spouse must wear. It is actually an ancient Indian custom for the wife to lay out her husbands clothes for work. So allow her to pick out your clothes for office without making up your mind that she will purposely do a bad job.

2. Close your eyes and go to sleep when he is driving: Are you into the habit of doing backseat driving when he is driving? It means their is no trust in your marriage. Instead of telling him when to break, just close your eyes and go off to sleep. It will let him know that you trust his driving and that means you trust him.

3. Call your friends for dinner and let her be the hostess: After all she is the mistress of the house; you must have faith in her decisions. Let her decide the menu, decor and arrangement for the party all by herself. This does not mean that you will not help her. But you must help her without questioning her decisions.

4. Close your eyes and let him walk you down the stairs: This is a very important trust building activity. You are allowing him to lead you down the stairs and when you do that, you are putting your safety in his hands. By the time you reach the last step, you will realise that you have trust in your marriage again.

5. Exchange each others bank passwords: This will have to be the last step of the trust building process. Trusting someone with your hard earned money is difficult but not impossible. And this trust building exercise is mutual. So you both need to contribute to making it work.

Try out these trust building exercises and tell us if it has worked for you.


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