How To Make His Family Love You?

October 04, 2012 12:12
How To Make His Family Love You?

When you decide to get married, all the attempts to win over his family members begin. Be it love or arranged marriage, the woman who will be the new member in the family starts working hard to win the hearts of her in laws. However, when a new member comes into the family, it takes time to get accepted by all.

Different people will teach you different methods to make his family love you. Here, you can find some simple tips to become a vital member of his family. Check out...

5 tips to make his family love you:

Meet them: One of the most important steps to get accepted in his family is to meet his parents. Take out time from your schedule and turn up in their house. Do not go unprepared. Fix the time and date. Be punctual and dress up properly. Sleazy or revealing clothes are no no!

Learn to listen: You have to become a good listener. In order to have a better communication, just listen to what they say. If they are reserved, keep it in mind. Just remember there is a generation gap so do not argue with them. If you get pissed off, just control. Breathe in and out. In the beginning days, you have to adjust if you really wish his family members to love you. This helps them warm up and get used to the new member.

Value them: They are your new parents. You have to accept the new member in your life too. Value them and make sure they know you are happy. If you try to be fake, his parents will never like you. Moreover, your man will understand that you are not interested to accept his family as your own. Show that you are selfless not selfish! Just remember, you have to be with them for the rest of the life, so value them and treasure them.

Do you remember their likes and dislikes?: Okay! You remember your father's birthday and prepare what he loves the most. What about your (would be) father-in-law? From the very first meeting, start analysing them. Keep a track of what they love and hate. To make it simple, write down in a notebook. You won't forget then and it looks responsible also. Just writing and memorizing will not help. Implement them. Try to impress his parents by preparing a dish they like or wearing some outfit they love. This helps you win his family's love and also make them respect you for your dedication and responsibility.

Be a helping hand: As you are going to be the new member in the family, you have to help in the household chores. Help your would be mom-in-law in the household chores. From shopping with new mom till gardening with new dad, you have to be highly active.

These are few ways to win the heart of his family and make his parents love you. Do you agree?

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