Is Love Expensive?

September 14, 2012 10:36
Is Love Expensive?

There are many who would say falling in love is good. While there are many more who would propagate just the opposite for multiple reasons. Unlike olden days you would find that it is very difficult to please and make your partner happy these days. You have to spend a lot in order to do so. That raises a question in our minds that, "Is love expensive" ? Let us see a few ways in which you will find that how love has to come at a price.

Go Out On A Date- Gone are the days when you used to cook your partner's favourite dish to make him or her happy. Now we go out on dates to the best possible food joints or locations. And to be honest, that is really going to put pressure on your pocket. For those who are earning well, it is still fine. But there are many who have fun at the cost of their parents money. So, watch out and cut down your expenses. Otherwise you will soon get to see the side effects of your love. And that would be an empty wallet.

Gifts- Any occasion and a gift is essential. No matter how trivial the occasion, you need to make your partner happy on all occasions with a gift. Love gets to be expensive as there are a lot many days like Friendship Day, Valentines Day, Rose day and so on to be celebrated along with the bliss of a present. Especially girls always want their partners to remember these days and embrace them in all the best possible ways that they can. And remember guys, if you forget then you are in a soup. Be ready to pay the price of love. These are one of the ways in which love proves to be expensive and effects your bank balance in a negative way.

Shopping- Guys you have to take it for granted that you have to take your girlfriend out for shopping sometimes. Love is expensive, and its time you accept it. Many a times, if you have a fight then the best way to change your partner's mood is to take them out for a shopping spree. And this is no small price that you have to pay if you are in love.

'Love is priceless'. This saying stands out to be true no more. In fact, it has lost its validity as everything that you do shall cost you. Nothing comes for free, not even love. But at the same time being in love is a priceless feeling that nothing else can supplement.

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