Intellection of stress can cause sickness!

June 29, 2013 18:27
Intellection of stress can cause sickness!

Researchers known to have discovered just thinking about being stressed can make individuals fall seriously ill as well as make greater the possibility of suffering a heart attack. It was researched, at the time following beyond 7,000 civil servants over a period of up to 18 years, for what reason the increased perception of stress almost doubled the risk of suffering a heart attack. Daily Mail reported as a matter of actuality this is the first time a link has been discovered between heart disease and people's own view on how stress is affecting their health. It recommends the doctors should take a patients' perspective into consideration while managing stress-related complaints. It could also mean that helping patients to decompress can lower down the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Participants, who had an average age of 49.5, were asked to what degree they experienced continued stress (day after day) had affected their health. Furthermore, taking their medical background into consideration, they were also suggested about personal lifestyle factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, as well as exercise. Lead author Hermann Nabi, from the Inserm medical research institute in Villejuif, France, expressed saying that they have found that the association they observed between an individual’s perception of the impact of stress on their health at the same time their risk of a heart attack was independent of biological factors, unhealthy behaviours along with other psychological factors. One prominence out of the messages from their findings is that people’s perceptions in regard to the impact of stress on their health are apparently destined to be conforming to fact.

(AW:Samrat Biswas)

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