Women Love Their Maids More!!!

September 17, 2012 10:37
Women Love Their Maids More!!!

There is a very popular saying that says women love their maids more than any one else. Wee. You simply cannot ward off this statement to be a false one. Women love and take care of all alike. But there are some reasons that makes a maid one of the most important persons in her life. Let us check them out.

Delegate Work- A woman in today's world has much more work to do other than just being 'home-manager' of her house. She works both outside and inside the house. And who likes to see all work left at home after a tiring day at office. It is tiresome and takes a toll upon the health.

Cooking, managing the house and keeping everyone happy at the same time is not an easy task at all. This demands help and who else can provide it better than a maid. This is one of the reasons why women love maids. They can easily delegate their responsibility to them and make their work easy. Women do not hate work, but it is just that they hate to work more than required.

Neighbourhood Gossips- Women love to hear to a lot of gossip. That is why they love their maids a lot as they are the storehouse of all kinds of neighbourhood gossip. Who had a quarrel with her husband or in-laws, who bought a new car or a jewellery, who did a little bit of bitching and so on. The several areas of interest to a woman cannot be explained in a line. Some women get a boost for their work with all these gossips.

Mood- Who do you think keeps peace in the house? The answer would definitely be a maid and no one else. The happiness of an entire family depends on the woman in the house. And her well being depends on the maid. That is why an woman loves a maid so much. Of course, the mood of a person gets tempered if they have to manage both home and office together, and that too without any help from the family members. Men love peace and to keep it they always avoid a fight on a day the maid is absent.

Partner- Being a woman, the maid well understands all the joys and sorrows of her mistress. Hence they sometimes act like a friend to the woman in the house. They can share at least some of their woes and sorrows with them. Women happen to love their maids for being such patient listeners.

These are the multiple of reasons for which a woman loves her maid.

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