5 Little Things That Matters In Love

September 24, 2012 10:24
5 Little Things That Matters In Love

Love is not just about buying expensive gifts or clothes. It is also about the rapport that you share with each other. Little and major things that you share with your partner strengthens the love life and improves your relationship.

The little acts and things that you do for your partner matters a lot for him/her. Lets find out what are these little things.

Cooking special dishes: It is one of the best surprises to win the heart of your partner. Both men and women try this little thing to keep the spark of love alive in their lives. When you return from work and find your favourite dish on the table, the smile on your face is what makes the evening of your partner. You wouldn't know how your partner craves to see this smile on your face and love in your eyes.

Not going out when he/she is feels lonely: Imagine your man tearing off his cricket match tickets just to be with you when you are feeling lonely. It is a major thing for a man but something special that will count forever in the later stages of life. This little act shows how much he loves you and cares for you.

Sticking I Love You Note: Sometimes, you enter the kitchen or bathroom and suddenly find an I Love You note on the refrigerator or mirror. This act by your partner to bring a smile on your face counts. It is this little thing that makes your love life wonderful.

Miss you message: In the midst of work, you read a 'miss you' message on your mobile screen. This message might have come many times while discussing about something. But, when you suddenly get such a message from nowhere, you feel happy and desired. You cherish the moment and call back to say 'I Love You!'

An email love letter: Love letters are no more used in real lives of couples. It is filmy and seen only in classic films. But, you can revive the magical way to express yourself. Instead of writing, just send an email saying how much you are happy with them and how your partner has changed your life in a better way. When your partner logs in and finds the mail, his/her love towards you will strengthen. This little thing can bring wonders in your love life.

These little things matters in love life. These things are small but you two will remember it for your whole life. Suddenly, when you discuss about these acts, you will fall in love all over again! Have you done something similar? Do share with us.a

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