Rules for a great love life

December 16, 2013 17:16
Rules for a great love life

Someone has rightly said: "It's  easy to fall in love, hard to keep it going." So true! Falling in love in usually the easy part; it's keeping the love alive and kicking that gets tougher along the way. The below mentioned truisms (surprisingly effective!) will help keep your love life in track and make it a true joy. So what are you waiting for? Behold your ticket to bliss!

Fight right

Beware! No matter how ugly a discussion/debate/argument gets, refrain calling your spouse names. When you think you have had enough, just take some time out! Talking when angry will only cause resentment and bitterness among the other person.


In other words: communicate. Talking out the tough subjects-money, religion, fidelity, raising kids-won't be fun, but will help in the long run. So just talk!


Play together, stay together

Pick a sport or hobby that you both love and enjoy and ensure that you make in a priority in your relationship. Trekking, biking, tennis, scrabble, monopoly, it many be anything. Just find something you enjoy doing together and do.

Add spice to your life

Believe it or not, dullness can lead to dissatisfaction in any relationship. Trying something new can be as simple as visiting an unfamiliar restaurant or as grand as a backpacking trip to an unknown destination. Discoveries will keep you closer.

AW: Suchorita Dutta Choudhury

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