What Makes A Housewife Frustrated?

October 09, 2012 11:06
What Makes A Housewife Frustrated?

Many husbands complain that their wives are making their lives hell. There is no reason to believe that they love doing so. There must be some definite reasons behind this weird behaviour. And moreover wives do not intend to creates problems for you. It just their frustration that makes you frustrated. Know what makes the wives frustrated and then try to solve your troubles in a better way.

Your Work- Work is undoubtedly very important as it is the means of earning bread for the family. But, if you work so much that you cannot give time to your own family then that's going to create marriage problems for sure. And a housewife would obviously expect you to give her time after a day's work. When this is not so then a wife gets frustrated for obvious reasons.

Your Approach- This is yet another thing in a man that makes a wife frustrated. There are many ways to say a single thing. Sometimes men say few things in manner that is just not appropriate. May be you are tired and have lots of work pressure, but that does not mean that you will vent it out on your wife who has been in house the whole day long.

Financial- Financial issues bother a housewife the most. When a woman does not work then she has to depend a lot on her husband for all her expenses. Sometimes it becomes very insulting when a wife asks for something and he denies. A housewife understands when the reasons are genuine. But when she thinks that you have given a lame excuse then it really frustrates her.

Family Issues- A housewife remains more frustrated when there are in-law issues. She has to bear it all. And at the end of the day she tries to say them to you and gets a negative response most of the times. This would really frustrate any housewife. All that a wife thinks at that moment is, "I know they are your parents, but I am also something to you. I am your wife, damn it!"

A Social Circle- When women go out for work then they have a social circle of friends to whom she can vent out all her frustrations. This saves her life from being hell. And as a housewife cannot do it hence you are the one on whom she will vent all her anger and disappointments. It make a housewife frustrated all the more.

Try to avoid all these to make your marriage a happy one.

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