Who's Your Favourite Teacher?

October 01, 2012 12:43
Who's Your Favourite Teacher?

A class room and friends are not all of our school life. There is another invincible part that we cannot forget. And that is our teachers. They are a part and parcel of school life. There are many sweet and bitter memories associated with them. And all of them are to be remembered on this Teacher's Day. And not to mention the bond of love and ones that you share with your teacher. There are some very special traits in a teacher that makes them special. On this Teacher's Day, let us recollect the facts that bond us with our teacher, and make them our favourite.

Ignore- This is what we love best in a teacher. Whenever we take up to a mischief in the class and at the same time get caught, we expect our teachers to ignore them. We bond best with those teachers who ignore silly things that we do, like eating tiffin in the class. It gives us a feeling that they are really very understanding and tend to realise what we feel like.

Inspire- After every successful personality is the best teacher of our lives. They inspire us and guide us through the rest of our lives. Thus they become our favourite teacher. They guide us through the most crucial part in choosing the right career option for us. More than ourselves they know what's best for us. Thus this Teacher's Day its time to honour these best teachers who are behind what we are today.

Understand- The adolescent stage is the most crucial in the psychological development of a human being. Boys and girls undergo several problems at this stage, especially in a co-education school. There are some teachers who understand all these well and handle them tactfully. This is very important as a wrong decision may alter the child's life. These kind of teachers become our favourite. And remembering them on this Teacher's Day is a small tribute that we can give them.

Fight For- There are a very few teachers who fight on the behalf of the students if they are right. In fact memories as such becomes the most wonderful part of our school days. Small things like these make some teachers our favourite. These are the best teachers in our lives who teach us to stand up and fight for what is right. And circumstances as such ties them up in bond of affection and respect with us. It feels really good to remember them on Teacher's Day.

Cover Up- There are a very few instances when the teacher covers up any mischief of ours in a parents-teachers meeting. A student develops a friendly relationship with the teacher after this , something which is beyond the limits of love.

So, lets remember all our favourite teachers on this Teacher's Day and honour them at least in our hearts, if not in person.

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