Explore the lover within you

July 09, 2013 18:45
Explore the lover within you

Dreams about who your 'greekuveerudu' or 'raakumari' will be, could become a reality, provided one understands themselves and what they want from the relationship.

Everyone has their own personal style in romance. Knowing your style helps to have realistic expectations from you date or long time partner. For example, if you are a hard core romantic, it is all about the looks, glamor and special moments. Yes, all these play a positive role in all healthy relationships. But, losing your love for the good looking partner after she/he loses the glamor does not imply love in the first place.

Many say that romance and love-making take a back seat as the relation goes through many anniversaries. This is not necessarily true of couples who truly love each other. Baldness or no, nothing deters the couple from going for it. To keep it alive, it is suggested that the man and women can plan occasions similar to when they met, as those situations laid the setting for attraction.

The other type of lovers are those with a list of attributes they want in their future partners and nothing will make them change it. These lists put pressure on the person as well as who she/he dates. Next are the obsessive types, who want to spend every moment of everyday with their partners, not to mention knowing every little day to day detail. This suggests insecurity and is of course bad news.

Some types of lovers give, give and give. And expect the same level of attention in return. This can be toxic in a relationship because a busy partner may be branded un-giving for no mistake. Striking a balance is the need of the hour. Having a life outside marriage in the form of hobbies and pals eases some of the suffocation.

So, what type are you?


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