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    5 Little Things That Matters In Love 24 September 2012

    Love is not just about buying expensive gifts or clothes. It is also about the rapport that you share with each other. Little and major things that you share with your partner strengthens the love life and improves your relationship....

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    10 ways to spice up your love life 23 August 2012

    Does your Love life need a boost? Check out our top ten aphrodisiacs guaranteed to spark desire.Get connected Nothing is sexier than remembering why you fell in love with each other in the first place. "By undertaking some sort of...

    Keywords: Lovely dysfunction, Lovely dysfunction, Get connected Girl friend, your love life

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    Facebook role in relationships, Facebook effect on love life, where is the spark facebook possible villain, Love life

    Where is the spark? Facebook possible villain 17 September 2013

    Couples beware! The main reason for the loss of sparkle in your once sizzling love life may just be Facebook. Just in case, don't go looking for a solution in Facebook. The social networking site is one demanding friend you...

    Keywords: Facebook role in relationships, Facebook effect on love life, Facebook role in relationships, tips to reignite love

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    income is related to intimacy, More intercourse depicts more earning, people with rampant intimacy earn more at work, Love life

    People with rampant intimacy earn more at work 22 April 2015

    Did u ever think that your romance is related to your earning income? A study at Anglia Ruskin University has proved that people who make their love two to three times a week earn 4.5% more than those who are...

    Keywords: More intercourse depicts more earning, income is related to intimacy, income is related to intimacy, income is related to romance

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    love, success in life, slideshow a journey through life, Love life

    SLIDESHOW: A Journey through life! 14 March 2013


    Keywords: success in life, photography, our life, life is a journey

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    fire up your love life, Be patient, tips to fire up your love life, Love life

    Tips to fire up your love life 07 October 2012

    LOST that loving feeling? Letting her make the first move is vital for a happy sex life. Although male impotency is a widespread issue-very widespread, if you look at all the "cures" out there-in my years of practising, there's another...

    Keywords: fire up your love life, Be patient, experts women feeling, experts women feeling

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    love, marriage, let your love life blossom, Love life

    Let your love life blossom... 15 December 2012

    One of the very important phase that can make or mess up your life is your 'love' life... of course, all those fairy tale love stories are not possible in real life... but, being in a loveable, matured and worth...

    Keywords: positive person, positive person, break up, negative person

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    , Victoria Secret, role plays spice up your love life, Love life

    Role-plays spice up your love life 27 September 2012

    A common complaint in the young couples within a few years of marriage is the lack of the libido after the strenuous hours at office. A healthy sexual life is a prerequisite for the good health. But what do you...

    Keywords: fantasy, role play, Victoria Secret, role play

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    boys, love relation, fall in love all over again, Love life

    Fall in love... all over again... 16 November 2012

    The spark's faded just a bit. Yes, we all know that it's the general assumption that after  marriage it should be enough that there aren’t any major problems. But what's wrong in wanting more...what's wrong with wanting to feel like...

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    Nitya Menen, breakup, nitya menen talks on her college breakup, Love life

    Nitya Menen Talks on Her College Breakup 22 June 2016

    Talented Malayali Actress Nitya Menen is one of the most admired actresses who have her own fan base in Telugu, Tamil and of course in Malayalam and of late in Kannada as well. Nitya is known for her straightforwardness while...

    Keywords: Nitya Menen, films, Interview, films

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    Can vaginal botox boost your love life, vaginal botox, vaginal botox simplified, Love life

    Vaginal botox simplified 03 September 2013

    Would you ever botox your snatch - if it meant bringing back the bang into your sexual life? You must have probably heard about  how cosmetic procedures like labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, re-virgination and G-spot amplification can help you get that "designer...

    Keywords: vaginal botox, snatch, Can vaginal botox boost your love life, Can vaginal botox boost your love life

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    Hansika comments, Hansika films, hansika says let past remain in the past, Love life

    Hansika says, let past remain in the past 05 October 2013

    For once, she is not referring to her personal life, but her professional life. What could be there in her past that she would be so embarrassed about? Hansika is talking about an old film that she hopes people forget...

    Keywords: Hansika personal life, Hansika personal life, Hansika films, Hansika comments

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    Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, i will keep dating celebrities taylor swift, Love life

    I will keep dating celebrities, Taylor Swift 30 September 2013

    'Love Story' singer Taylor Swift will never give up on searching for the perfect guy. She expressed to Britain's Glamor magazine that she does not rule out having another celebrity boyfriend. Speaking on the infamous Miley Cyrus episode, she also...

    Keywords: Taylor Swift current boyfriend, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift current boyfriend, singer Taylor Swift

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    Deepika Padukone's ex boyfriend, Katrina Ranbir pics., sensational picture threatens katrina s love life, Love life

    Sensational picture threatens Katrina's love life 03 August 2013

    A shocking picture released online has put the sexy Katrina Kaif's love life in trouble. A photo that shows Siddharth Mallya groping her with his hand is no less than heart stopping. In the photo, Mallya junior could be seen...

    Keywords: Katrina Kaif, Katrina Ranbir pics., Katrina Kaif bikini pics, Ranbir Kapoor

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    stress levels, love, stress not so easy to ignore, Love life

    STRESS... not so easy to ignore 16 March 2013

    Generally we know the amount of excess stress being taken in our day to day life will affect our physical health and thought process as well. Excess of stress does not only affect your daily routine but also your sexual...

    Keywords: relationships, relationships, stress, stress levels

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    Relationship, stay together, rules for a great love life, Love life

    Rules for a great love life 16 December 2013

    Someone has rightly said: "It's  easy to fall in love, hard to keep it going." So true! Falling in love in usually the easy part; it's keeping the love alive and kicking that gets tougher along the way. The below...

    Keywords: Love, Falling in love, live together, love and relationship

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    Samantha shooting stills, Samantha Chaitanya pairing, samantha s love ly advice for herself, Love life

    Samantha's 'love'ly advice for herself 04 October 2013

    Bubbly actress Samantha has had enough with typical romantic roles. She wants more than the usual run of the mill kind of characters, she says. Her signature just got more precious with her wish to sign up for only extraordinary...

    Keywords: Samantha sexy pics, Priyamani, Anushka, Samantha sexy pics

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    Hottest actress, Mills and Boon Novels., katrina kaif to find her love in the next year, Love life

    Katrina Kaif to find her love in the next year 16 July 2012

    Katrina who turned 28 today has told a close friend of hers that she is now looking to find her Love in her 28th year. She has reportedly set herself a time frame to find her love, so wherever the...

    Keywords: love life, Katrina Kaif, Katrina Kaif, Mills and Boon Novels.

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    Samantha Sashi role, Attarintiki Daredi sashi, samantha wants to kiss pawan again, Love life

    Samantha wants to kiss Pawan again 02 October 2013

    Samantha's portrayal of Sashi in Attarintiki Daredi was loved by all. Her naughty attitude mingled with secret love for Pawan Kalyan was very endearing. After suggestion that Samantha may have kissed Powerstar on his cheek with real attraction, comes news...

    Keywords: Tollywood's golden girl, Tollywood's golden girl, Samantha, Samantha's comments on Pawan Kalyan

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    balance in love life, future partner, explore the lover within you, Love life

    Explore the lover within you 09 July 2013

    Dreams about who your 'greekuveerudu' or 'raakumari' will be, could become a reality, provided one understands themselves and what they want from the relationship. Everyone has their own personal style in romance. Knowing your style helps to have realistic expectations...

    Keywords: long term relationship, types of lovers, finding the spark in relationship., long term relationship

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