5 Common Signs Of A Bad Relationship

October 12, 2012 10:14
5 Common Signs Of A Bad Relationship

When you fall in love, you cannot predict if it is good or a bad relationship. You just go with the flow and enjoy the company of your new partner. The feeling of falling in love takes its toll and you do not realise if you are in the right relationship or not. In the beginning, you will not give attention on anything about your partner, but with time, things change and the true colours come out. These true colours are not observed in the beginning as the traits are often ignored by everyone. We float in the pool of love and unknowingly encourage this attitude. Want to know the signs of a bad relationship? Read these...

5 signs of a bad relationship:

Selfish: When a partner is selfish, you encourage or avoid in the beginning days of your relationship. You become blind as love is all over your mind. But, it is the beginning days or months were you need to analyze your partner and decide the future henceforth. If your partner is selfish and always talks about his/her likes and dislikes, it is a clear sign of a bad relationship.

Dominating: There are many women who love to date dominating men. However, with the passage of time, this dominance makes you feel frustrated and trapped. In a relationship, both should be treated equals and the dominance should not exceed its limit. We all love little concern and care from our partners. However, interference and restrictions are not acceptable.

Doesn't value you: When you start dating, your partner will either give loads of attention or treat you as a non-existing human being. There are many couples who complain that their partners do not value them as they did before. This can either be due to lack of interest or love. Many men or women date to fulfil their needs and once it is done, they do not bother or get bored of their partners.

Violence: When your partner starts taking control over your life, you have to become alert. It s a sign of a bad relationship. Dominance is different from a complete controller. If your partner controls you in choosing friends, talking, behaving, dressing etc, take your time and think about it. Once he/she starts controlling you, you will become a puppet and become fake Moreover, many partners use domestic violence. If he tries to control you through physical abuse, it is a sign you reconsider your relationship.

Many unsuccessful relationships: A person can have 2-3 unsuccessful relations in the past. But, when all relationships end in the same manner, you have to consider it as sign of a bad relationship that you would enter. For example, if your man had been dumped by 3-4 girlfriends in the past and he sites illogical reasons, you have to become alert. This is because not all women would dump your man if he is so good!

These are few signs of a bad relationship. If you are into such a relation, think and consider your decision.

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