Where is the spark? Facebook possible villain

September 17, 2013 16:03
Where is the spark? Facebook possible villain

Couples beware! The main reason for the loss of sparkle in your once sizzling love life may just be Facebook. Just in case, don't go looking for a solution in Facebook. The social networking site is one demanding friend you can do without.

Many couples have by now noticed that there is a clear third person between them. Yes, Facebook is something that is creating more discontent than communication. For any loving couple, communication has always played a major role, be it your plans for the evening or the steamy conversations before a romp in the bed.

Taking the fizz out of your talk is Facebook, the addiction of which has effected at least one individual in any relationship. According to research, those who spend more time on Facebook are found to have lower self-esteem. Trying to gauge what the rest of the world is saying about you or anyone else is one chore that has not turned productive.

If the same attention is given to the lover or spouse, things may turn out very differently. Building your online persona has no real value, if your practical persona is lacking in the very same qualities portrayed on the social networking site. Couples have unknowingly invited the whole world into their bedroom.

Suddenly, it's the opinions of the world that takes priority. Facebook addiction leaves no time for real-time love with living breathing people. Stop and examine just how much the villain is affecting your relationship.

(AW: Sruthi)

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