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  • prolonging intercourse, orgasm, how to be on the same page with your partner sexually, Love making

    How to be on the same page with your partner sexually? 03 January 2014

    Are you and your partner on the same page when it comes to love-making? No? Never mind, we bring you some best expert tips to ax the sexual disconnection and boost intimacy like never before.  Lovemaking is like a symphony...

    Keywords: prolonging intercourse, orgasm, orgasm, boost intimacy

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    having romance, having romance, beat stress with your partner, Love making

    Beat stress with your partner 25 May 2012

    Do you know that having romance is not just a pleasure but even good to body? Yes, sexual intercourse will be biologically helpful to the body, says many Love health experts. Take a look at some of the benefits of...

    Keywords: erectile dysfunction, Romantic Love making, longer life, longer life

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    love and romance, romance tips, 8 things happen during love making but are least bothered, Love making

    8 Things happen during love making, but are least bothered 13 April 2016

    There are few things which actually appear weird, unattractive, but we still do not concern them much and move on. Here are such few things. Check out whether you came across it or not. 1. Queef Queefing is a weird...

    Keywords: Love making, romance tips, sex tips, sex tips

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    strange news, woman killed on tracks, wild love on train tracks lead to woman s death, Love making

    Wild love on train tracks lead to woman's death 30 September 2013

    A couple in Ukraine got the bright idea to have a wild romantic night on the train tracks, which only led to a train wreck. While making passionate love on the rail tracks, a train appeared out the blue and...

    Keywords: woman killed on tracks, thrill seeking behavior, weird news, Ukraine couple train accident

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    Apex court, Supreme Court, love making with consent is not a rape, Love making

    Love making with consent is not a rape! 21 May 2013

    The bench of Justice B.S.Chauhan and Justice Dipak Misra gave its judgment in the Supreme Court yesterday that a case in which a man keeps a physical relationship with a woman who is a major attaining the age of 18,...

    Keywords: Love making with consent is not a rape, sexual indulgence, Apex court, Apex court

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    real love is beyond sex and orgasm, prolonged exchange of romantic talk, orgasm should not be the end of love making for the day, Love making

    Orgasm Should Not Be the End of Love Making for The day 06 November 2013

    In most of the cases in the relationships between wife and husband, it is usually complained by either of them, mostly women that the partner gets down at the moment of orgasm to call it a day. Love making is...

    Keywords: Love couple, Love Making for The day, Love couple, Love making is to exchange love

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    bed time tips, sex tips, 5 ways to make him crazy on bed, Love making

    5 ways to make him crazy on bed 07 September 2015

    Is your man very dedicated to his work that much that, he even avoids bed some times and stick to laptop? Do not give him that chance. Follow these below five tricks to do so. 1. Make the environment tempting...

    Keywords: romance tips, romance tips, sex tips, bed time tips

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    benefits of regular intercourse, Love making, more action less stress, Love making

    More action, less stress 06 August 2013

    It makes you glow, it makes you happy, it improves your immunity, it keeps you wanting for more. Ask what? It's making love. It's getting more action in the sack. Intimacy with your partner is the perfect stress buster and...

    Keywords: how to improve immunity, benefits of sex, benefits of sex, how to improve immunity

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    Zanjeer, Zanjeer, charan s help priyanka s hope, Love making

    Charan's help, Priyanka's hope 02 September 2013

    Eager to show what his Bollywood debut is all about, Charan is taking a bunch of his friends to Mumbai for a special screening of Zanjeer. The film's producers are organizing the screening to commemorate the completion of all post...

    Keywords: Charan Priyanka comments, Charan Priyanka love making scene, Charan help to Priyanka, Priyanka comments on Charan.

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    Kareena Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, kareena says ok to mr kissy, Love making

    Kareena says ok to Mr.kissy 17 July 2013

    After much convincing on the part of aggressive producer Ekta Kapoor, Kareena has finally said yes to intimate scenes for a new movie with Mr.Kissy Emraan Hashmi. We have seen him almost make love to several leading ladies over the...

    Keywords: Kareena kissing saif, Kareena love making scenes, Kareena new films, Ekta Kapoor

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    Nayan Arya marriage invitation, Raja Rani, nayan says arya is best lover, Love making

    Nayan says Arya is best lover 04 July 2013

    Pretty actress Nayanthara and Tamil star Arya are believed to be in a romantic relationship. The supposed couple has neither agreed or denied the doubts. However, their latest movie has enough substance to keep interest alive. The bilingual film 'Raja...

    Keywords: Nayan, Arya, Tamil star Arya, Actress Nayanthara

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    love health experts, love health experts, enjoy the love making, Love making

    Enjoy the Love Making! 28 May 2012

    Someone rightly said that in a marriage a kiss starts as a passion and becomes a duty. May be yes if you do love only for the heck of doing it. Working between sheets should always be something great and...

    Keywords: love health experts, Love Making, romance, working between sheets

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