Don't make these dating mistakes

June 18, 2014 19:01
Don't make these dating mistakes

Meeting the special person of your life is a wonderful experience. But very often, in the excitement of being in love, couples rush into a deeper relationship. They get into physical intimacy or become partners too fast. Relationships are best when taken forward step by step. Couples who move too quickly, often end up with disaster - they break up too soon. Here are few thinks you must consider before moving in together.

Do background check

The fast paced modern lifestyle have seen youngsters dating a person they may have met randomly. While its ok to date someone you met online or at a pub, its advisable to do some background check. The person may not be what he/she claims to be. So don't be satisfied with the information provided by this stranger you met. Don't accept everything he says at face value , do a background check. You can easily cross-check the information provided through his/her social networking profile. Better be sure than be sorry later.   

Don't give up on your other activities

Dating a person doesn't mean you eat-sleep-drink with this special someone. Don't give up on your other activities or friends. Before you met this special someone you had a life. Remember! Give breathing space to your partner and to yourself. However much you are attracted to the person, keep in mind that dating is not a full-time job. Your family and friends are also there. Spend time with them as well. Otherwise there is a danger of you becoming a clingy and nagging personality, with little to do other than spend time with your boyfriend.

Never change yourself for the partner

When people are in love or infatuated they do strange things. Often they change themselves to suit the taste or preference of the person they date. Women usually make this common dating mistake. Value yourself and be the person you are. Relationships work best when the partners accepts each other just the way they are.

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