Does your man want to say something?

June 11, 2014 18:34
Does your man want to say something?

Men are internalisers and do not express much when it comes to emotions. They are not as transparent as they pretend to be. Your man may have a lot in his mind but he won't speak out. Even in a relationship, your man may be wanting to say something but fails to do so. Men fail to speak out their mind most of the time. Read on to understand your man better and strengthen your relationship.

Afraid you'll ditch him

Women think that being ditched is something that only they are worried about. Men are equally afraid of losing the women in their lives. They resort to possessive behaviour or cheating to deal with the fear of losing their partner. When you see your man behaving in the above said way, give him lots of attention to help him keep aside his fears.

Men love the boyfriend image

Men are evergreen bachelors, at least at heart. They love to be players-at-heart and choose to marry and settle down for the sake of society. A man would prefer to have a woman at home and another to roam around the town like a carefree bachelor. The truth is that most men love to be a child, always in need of a mother. But girls love the mother image anyway.

Cannot accept his friends ogling at you

Most men out there want approval for their actions -  including choice of girlfriend - from their friend. But if a friend start ogling at you and you happen to smile back then they cannot take it sporting. On the surface he will act cool but he may dump you. The reason for his action is that he can't handle the fact that you may dump him for his friend. So he does the favour first.

Want lots of attention

Once a man bares his heart to you after chasing you around, he expects you to shower some attention on him as well. But if you fail to do so and keep acting pricey he may dump you as he would feel insecure about you leaving him. So ladies don't act pricey for too long, shower him with some attention. He deserves it.

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