5 tricks to know, if he is serious about you

March 25, 2016 17:04
5 tricks to know, if he is serious about you

Many doubts you have on your partner, where you cannot dare to ask him, for the fear of losing him. But what more can you do? Can you afford to sacrifice your life, after knowing later, that he is a worthless person.

So before the situations turn worse, make sure your partner is serious about you. To find out that, observe the five points mentioned below, in your partner.

1. Introduces you to his people

He wants his mom, and his other important people to meet you, if his intention is to share his life with you. If he does not do that, and skips the meeting, even after you requested for several times, his intention is something different and treat it as a caution.  

2. Shows all his favorite places

Unless a guy is serious about you, he would not generally take you to his favorite places. He cannot afford to miss visiting his favorite place in his future, just because of you, if he do not think that you are for him.  

3. Will never postpone

You ask him to speak about his love with your parents and settle marriage and if at all he tries to postpone it, take it for granted, you are not the only girl in his life.

4. He holds your hand in public

Not as a sexist, but not minding to hold your hands in public, just to offer you some tenderness and support, is someone whom you can hang out with no fear.

5. Concerns, though he is not involved in it

He believes that you too have your own life and interests, if he really concerns about you and want you in his life. To know whether he is of that type, observe whether he is showing any interest in listening to any of your issues, that will not involve him. If he does, he is for you, otherwise not.

By Phani Ch

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