5 ways to make him crazy on bed

September 07, 2015 17:26
5 ways to make him crazy on bed

Is your man very dedicated to his work that much that, he even avoids bed some times and stick to laptop? Do not give him that chance. Follow these below five tricks to do so.

1. Make the environment tempting

Do it by good perfumed candles, aphrodisiac oils and various good massage lotions. Pick up oil blends or aromatic massage, which make him crazy on the bed, throwing out the laptop.

2. Read out erotica books

Read out the erotica books loudly and ask a few of the naughty things as doubts, even though you know the meaning of them. But make sure that, he really believes that you are asking the doubts you do not know.

3. Lose fake game, win real game

There are many kinky and naughty board games that are available online. Those games can stimulate the mind and make the sex even more enjoyable, as they awaken the madness in men. Needless to say, women losing in games like these, will obviously fetch them better.

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For instance, recollect the games in a few of the movies, that show the couple playing the card games and the woman removes the clothes one by one each time, when she loses the game. So feel the fun in losing the game and realize it is actually losing the fake game and winning the real game.

4. Dress does all the magic

Most of the men might wish to see his girl fully covered in the public places. But none would prefer to watch his girl in that way, in the personal bedroom. But that does not mean he wants to see his girl nude. Instead, more than nude, it is few teasing dresses that actually tempt the men more.

Need not follow their favorite color, but put on the best outfit, with which, he could not stop from dragging you onto the bed. Be away from the outfits that cover your legs like pants and all. Frock type outfits are best preferable. 

5. Choose those lingeries

You might not know what damage your black or white lingerie is doing to you everytime. If you can know the magic other colors like Red, pink, orange can create, you would never go to your black and white lingerie enemies again. Red family colors as lingeries, will make your partner stick to you.

But before that, make sure, you wear your top so that, any part of the lingerie strap, preferably the shoulder part, would make any type of men go crazy. There are very rare instances this trick got failed.   

Follow the above tips and make the every night lasts long.

By Phani Ch

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