Vaginal cosmetic surgery: 5 things to know

April 28, 2016 15:50
Vaginal cosmetic surgery: 5 things to know

How safe is vaginal cosmetic surgery? Will there be any side effects in the future? Along with the answers to the above questions, below is what all you need to know about this surgery, which has become common among women, these days.

(All the information is provided by Alyssa Dweck, MD, a popular gynecologist in New York City and the assistant clinical professor at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine.)

1. No need to get labiaplasty at all

Dr. Dweck says that, 15 year young girls will have their moms bring them in for a consultation. Women will also bring themselves in around 18 to 21. The reason they undergo the procedure is to eliminate the camel toe.

"These women assume all vulvas have to look the same and so if theirs doesn't, something is wrong with theirs," Dr. Dweck says.

"To be honest, I try to talk people out of doing it because most of the time it's not needed, and once I show them the countless ways vulvas can look and I can educate them on normal anatomy, they realize they don't need it done."

According to Dweck, there are even signs of other issues like body dysmorphia, which is where women think they look different than they do, when determining if someone is a candidate for vaginoplasty.

2. Several reasons can lead to labiaplasty

According to Dweck, other indications to say that you are a good candidate for labiaplasty are, the women's labia minora (the inner lips) should so voluminous (huge size and volume) that, they face trouble putting a tampon in, or experience inflammation or painful sex or chafing.

Adding to it, if anyone is psychologically distraught by their labia's appearance, and that distress is not due to another psychological issue (such as body image issues they might have in general, which she says a lot of women who come in to have the procedure are struggling with).

One labia differing in size with the other, is also another indication that you need a treatment.

3. The procedure is complex, but quick

Dweck says, depending on the people's needs, there are several type of procedures to make the labia smaller, or more symmetrical or flush with the vagina, whether that's taking a wedge out of the labia surgically or removing the part that looks excessive.

Dweck says that she performs the procedure, giving the patients anesthecia. Depending on its detailing, the procedure can take 15 minutes to 1 hour.  
4. The recovery process is pretty intense and involved

People often underestimate the recuperation time and process. Dweck, during surgery, generally uses dissolvable sutures, so that, nothing has to be removed and later asks her patients to do a sitz bath (which is like a little plastic tub you put over the toilet with warm water with epsom salts where you soak your bottom).

After that bath, Dweck recommends to dry the area with a hair dryer, with the intention of removing the moisture and reducing the chances of infection.

Dweck recommends the same procedure for twice or thrice a day, for about two weeks.

Dweck further recommends them to wear a tight garment in the day times, so that nothing gets chafed and a loose garment at night along with suggesting them some antibiotics.

Further, to make sure the area is healing well, Dweck asks them to make one or two visits more.

5. Not usually covered by insurance

If the women face congenital condition (such as vulvitis or pain during sex), it would be covered under the insurance, but if it is purely for cosmetic reasons, generally there would be no insurance coverage.

By Phani Ch

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