Things a man notices in a woman

June 26, 2014 17:57
Things a man notices in a woman

Most men appraise a woman in a basic way. It takes only a few seconds for a man to decide whether he likes her look or not. Once they see the basics they make up their mind whether to approach the girl or or let it pass.

Even before approaching for a date, a man takes note of a few things based on which he will ask her out the first time. Read on to know what are the things men notice in women.


Men notice a woman's eyes the first time they see her. They focus more on eyes as a major part of communication takes place through the eyes. Most men observe the eyes more than any other parts of a woman's body.


Hair is the crowning glory of a woman's beauty. Most men get attracted to a women who possesses a  flowing and healthy mane. When a man thinks of a woman he fantasizes about her hair and eyes.


A woman's smile tells a lot about her. If the smile is genuine it gets reflected in your eyes otherwise it's fake. Men can differentiate between women who are genuine and those who are not. Women who have a genuine smile can rest assured that they will attract the right man.

Hip-to-waist ratio

Men instinctively notice the hip-to-waist ratio of a woman. Women with wider hips than their waist are considered to be fertile. So if you are one of those women who have wide hips rest assured you will attract Mr. Right.

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