What women look in a man

June 20, 2014 17:12
What women look in a man

Most men consider personal looks to be irrelevant when it comes to impressing women. But the first impression is much more important then we realise. The first impression makes a lasting impression when it it comes to relationship. Read on to know what attracts women to a man.

Physical stature

Most women notice a man's height and weight in the glance or first meeting. If a man is too much or too little, women perceive him unattractive. They decide to stop there and then. But there is a catche here, a woman's assessment of height and weight will also depend on her personal height and weight.


Relationship is based on communication. Every woman is attracted to a man who can keep her interested with his conversation skill. The longer you can hold a woman's attention, the more scope you get to impress her. Such men are perceived physically attractive, though in reality he may not be so.


Everyone likes confident men, and women are no exception. You can attract women easily if you have confidence. Studies suggest that most women are able to ascess a man's confidence within few minutes of meeting. She can also interpret the way you think and your vibes. Things like decision making ability and positive attitude are noticed by women. But, remember confidence is different from arrogance and cockiness. Avoid that.


If you can make a woman laugh you can be sure that you have impressed her. Women like men with a good sense of humour. Men who have very serious disposition have less chances in geting through them.


A smile breaks the ice between strangers, it's like a connecting signal. If you can smile within a few minutes of meeting her she will perceive it as welcoming. So men, smile away you may just have won her over.


Women are looks conscious, so make efforts with your appearance. This is especially important the first time you meet a woman. She will notice your God-gifted features as well as how you take care of them. Your appearance will include clothes, hair style, basic hygiene and overall grooming. In case you think it's a waste of time to bother about appearance, she may not bother to know you at all.

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